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1Walkthrough of the BUG tracker open issues for TR-532All team

Bug tracking (Mantis) list of topics (target for Rel.2.0 TR-532): https://bugtracker.openbackhaul.com/ 

  • #57: something to be added to TR-532: pure description (comment) not the model. We need simply to agree the text.
  • #56: data and time in different format in different packs in the model in the yang file. UML needs to be checked as well. If we define a format in the UML, then we have the same model in Yang. We need to use the Implementation common data types ad per TR-514 (UML Modeling Guidelines). Need to be fixed in the model (2.0) → decided.
  • #55#54: TR to provide an entire model kit. Document should contain not only UML but also YANG, interface validator and mediator. It is not possible to insert the SW code inside the document, so we can put reference in the TR document to GTHUB summarizing the deliverables belonging to the same model. Action Giorgio C. to check if we can put in the official ONF GITHUB.
  • #68: new topic added in the tracker: currently MW model contains different packs. Some of them are specific for MW (e.g. airInterface), while some others are referring to Ethernet transport (e.g. Ethernet Structure). In Ethernet PHY a structure and container is requested. Proposal is to split the packs currently inside TR-532 and move packs for Ethernet management into specific Ethernet model. N.B we are referring to yang files, while TR-532 can describes more generically the function taking from different yang files

Note: in the following website there is description of semantic for major/minor/bug fixing:


The same document contains the reference to intermediate models (working models).