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09 January 2019



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Discussion Items

1General notesGiorgio Cazzaniga

OTCC TST meeting held on 7/1. Here some notes on WT topics:

  • Face to face meeting: OTCC is planning different face to face meeting during 2019; we need as WT team to decide if there is any interest/opportunity to have a f2f meeting as well:
    • F2F Meetings for 2019

      • March 18-22 Sydney - hosted by Cisco:
        • Need to prep for the logistics information, in particular the invitation letter for visa application
      • May 6-10, 2019 Beijing - hosted by FiberHome and China Mobile:
        • Thanks to FiberHome & China Mobile for volunteering the site!
      • September 2019 OIMT/OTCC meeting:
        • Current plan is to meet at the ONF CONNECT meeting with rooms available to us for parallel working tracks
      • December 9-13
        • possible location is London, UK
  • ONF Connect results: here the link to the material presented during ONF Connect event (December 2018): https://www.opennetworking.org/onf-connect-2018-collateral/
  • WT addition to TAPI: we need to indicate as WT team if there is any interest to include WT specific parameters into TAPI
  • Plan for WT activities:
    1) alignment to Core 1.4
    2) Backward compatibility: some discussions have been already done at TAPI level and there is an action point pending from Martin Skorupski and Nigel Davis to have a white paper/proposal to discuss; this discussion needs to be restarted in order to finalize a position
2PoC5all team

Remaining activities:

32019 WT activities planall team

In 2019:

  • deliver TR-532 Rel1.1 formally
  • Model: next version will be Rel.2.0:
    • look at the open bugs in Mantis and decide the priority for the next release
    • discuss about the alignment with the Core Model 1.4
    • N.B. this model will not be backward compatible respect to 1.1
  • 6th PoC: there is an interest from a Portugal operator to host this activity. Target will be also to involve higher number of operators.

Action Items

  •  @all team --> review the detailed report of PoC 5
  •  It is requested to each Application providers to provide a short contribution for the test results and conclusions for their use case, as for example: all hw were connected to the controller and taken into consideration by the application, showing the expected results etc etc