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  • 2019-01-03 OIMT Meeting Notes

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02 January 2019



  • Administrative
    • Jan. & Feb. call plan
    • 2019 F2F meeting plan
    • Liaison
    • TR-512 v1.4.1
  • 2018 Dec. meeting follow up
  • 2019 releases work items

Discussion Items

IM-DAdministrativeKam / Nigel
  • 2019 January & February call plan
    • Conference Call Schedule
      • Agreed to allocate slots for the following topics:
        • Photonic model: January 8 Tuesday TAPI second hour (10:00-11:00 ET slot)
        • IP Routing model: January 10 Thursday OIMT IM-D (6:00-7:00 ET slot)
        • Sydney agenda plan: January 10 Thursday OIMT IM-D (6:00-7:00 ET slot)
        • Core IM extension for specific technology: Will move from IM-D to IM-E (January 10) if that is okay with Thorsten Heinze.
  • 2019 Face-to-Face meeting plan
    • Face-to-Face Meetings
      • March 18-22 Syndey meeting:
        • Will start agenda planning on next week
        • Need to prep for the logistics information, in particular the invitation letter for visa application
      • May 2019 meeting confirmed:
        • May 6-10, in Beijing, co-hosted by FiberHome & China Mobile
      • September 2019 OIMT/OTCC meeting:
        • Current plan is to meet at the ONF CONNECT meeting with rooms available to us for parallel working tracks 
          • Action: Find out details of the ONF CONNECT meeting, such as room availability and especially registration fee, so that potential attendees can start their authorization process
  • Liaison
    • Liaisons
      • The LS to MEF and SG15 for sharing TR-512 v1.4 suite was sent on December 28
  • TR-512 v1.4.1
    • This release will focus on quick fixes and up-versioning the Papyrus, i.e., no change to the Core model.
      • References updates
      • Editorial fixes
        • Kam already received from Xiang some correction for TR-512.8
        • Action - all: Inform Kam if you notice any correct
      • Tool up-version from Mars to the latest version
        • Note: looks like the latest that can be used with papyrus is 2018-09 --- the 2018-12 eclipse is supported by a nightly build of papyrus at the moment.  Maybe out in a month or two

    • Aiming end of February for the v1.4.1 release
 2018 Dec. meeting follow up 
 2019 releases work items 
IM-E  Cancelled

Action Items