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OwnerDaniela Spreafico 


A new attribute is required:

performanceMonitoringThresholdList -> List of Thresholds for PM counters supporting TCAs.


Yang tree representation of the performanceMonitoringThresholdList :

| +--rw performance-monitoring-threshold * [counter granularity]
|      | +--rw counter identityref
|      | +--rw granularity g:granularity-period-type
|      | +--rw lower? uint64
|      | +--rw upper? uint64


The attributes should be added object classes as follows:

  • airInterfaceRxConfiguration / performanceMonitoringThresholdList
  • airInterfaceDiversityConfiguration / performanceMonitoringThresholdList
  • ethernetContainerConfiguration / performanceMonitoringThresholdList


Please note that the existing "airInterfaceConfiguration" object class remains untouched, but will get the status "deprecated" based on Issue #25.


01.07.2018 Note:

Text had been copied from former entry "#30, #33, #34: PerformanceMeasurementControl ".

Changes to the UML were not precisely described.

Some descriptions could not be implemented, e.g. because assumed changes (issues#25) could not be implemented before.

Actual changes to the UML are described in


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker

DescriptionThe request is to manage the thresholds used to raise or clear a Threshold Cross Alarm (TCA) on Performance counters (es , ses and cses).

On the current ONF TR-532 1.0 model these thresholds are not foreseen.

A TCA alarm related to a counter should be raised (and cleared) on an MW_AirInterface_pac instance according to an <counter>HighThr (for alarm raise) and <counter>LowThr (for alarm clear) values, specific for each counter and for each period type (15m, 24h), predefined or user configured.

A first proposal could be to add a new class, PerformanceThresholdData, that is a list of elements (PerformanceThresholdDataList) containing the following attributes:
- granularityPeriod
- esHighThr
- esLowThr
- sesHighThr
- sesLowThr
- csesHighThr
- csesLowThr
The key of each element on PerformanceThresholdDataList is a simple identifier (integer value).
2 elements, one for each granularityPeriod , will contain predefined values not modifiable.
Other elements (till a max number according to device capability) ) could be created with values provided by operator.
A new attribute (read-write), ThresholdDataReference, should be added to AirInterfaceCurrentPerformance/ current-performance-data-list to associate the instance of CurrentData (15m or 24h) to an instance of PerformanceThresholdDataList.

As alternative proposal the thresholds could be added to MW_AirInterface_pac::AirInterfaceConfiguration class:
- es15mHighThr
- es15mLowThr
- ses15mHighThr
- ses15mLowThr
- cses15mHighThr