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26 June 2018




  • Ethernet OAM Models
    • IEEE 802.1 CFM YANG
    • ITU-T Carrier Ethernet OAM UML & YANG

Discussion Items

IM-AIEEE 802.1Qcx CFM YANG ModelKam

Kam reported on the progress of the IEEE 802.1 CFM YANG Model


Bernd presented his re-engineering of the ieee802-dot1q-cfm-mip.yang and ieee802-dot1q-cfm-types.yang modules.

  • MIP module
  • Type def module
      • The typedef in Red color are new ones.
 ITU-T G.8052.1 Carrier Ethernet OAM ModelsKam

Kam reported on the progress of ITU-T G.8052.1 UML model

  • To confirm on the MIP (Full, Half, and RAPS capable Half) and Mac Address of MEP & MIP
  • Progressing the Terminaton Point augmentation and P&R
    • Augmentation: g8052.1-tp.png
    • Pruning & Refactoring
      • Most of the TP attributes are pruned
      • The following attributes will be refactored by moving to EthCsfPac
        • _csfReport:CsfReportSink_Pac / csfReport:Boolean
        • _csfRdiFdiEnable:CsfRdiFdiEnableSink_Pac / csfRdiFdiEnable
        • _csfConfig:CsfConfigSource_Pac / csfConf
        • _csfRdiFdiEnable:CsfRdiFdiEnableSource_Pac / csfRdiFdiEnable
      • Discussed whether the attribute currentProblemList should remain, given that there is the MepFaultAlarm Signal for notification in the CFM model.
      • Noted that the CFM provides only the highest priority (critical) defects.

Action Items