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OwnerDaniela Spreafico 


During discussions, it has been found that the underlying feature has been implemented only by a single vendor.
After rest of present vendors and also operators indicated limited interest in the feature, it has been rated a customer specific implementation with limited chances of a wider acceptance in the industry.

Since it would not be possible to consolidate all attributes of customer specific implementations into a clear and easy to understand standard, it is proposed not to include the requested attribute, but to leave it for configuration with the proprietary element manager.


Content of the Mantis Bug Tracker:

DescriptionThe request is to allow on 1+1 HSB radio configuration the selection of wich Received Signal Level between the 2 receivers has to be considered for the ATPC algorithm within the following:
o The lowest value
o The highest value

The proposal could be to add a new attribute ‘atpcDrivingCriteria’ with the allowed values:
o notRelevant (for radio configuration not 1+1
o lowestReceivedValue
o highestReceivedValue
On wich class? 3 options:
o on MW_AirInterfaceHsbFcSwitch_Pac
o on PureEthernetStructure_Pac (where the 2 airInterface_Pac involved are connected to)