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Adding AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::_transmissionModeMin and AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::_transmissionModeMax attributes of TypeDefinitions::TransmissionModeType data type for configuring the code rate as a part of the transmission modes according to the definition in the capability information.

Defining AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::_transmissionModeMin to be applied in case adaptive modulation would not be activated.

Marking the AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::modulationMin, AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::modulationMax and AirInterface::AirInterfaceConfiguration::txChannelBandwidth attributes to be "deprecated".


Defining a TypeDefinitions::timeXStatesType data type that comprises a TypeDefinitions::timeXStatesType::_transmissionMode attribute of TypeDefinitions::TransmissionModeType data type and a TypeDefinitions::timeXStatesType::time attribute of Integer data type for expressing the time period of operating a specific transmission mode.

Adding a TypeDefinitions::AirInterfacePerformanceType::timeXStatesList attribute of TypeDefinitions::timeXStatesType data type for expressing the time periods of operating any of the transmission modes.

Marking all the existing TypeDefinitions::AirInterfacePerformanceType::time*States* attributes to be "deprecated".


Content of the Mantis Bugtracker:

DescriptionCurrent solution:

   - modulation in states within the phase diagram
   - codeRate in %

   - modulationMin in states within the phase diagram
   (no configuration of codeRate)

   - Listing of combinations of states within the phase diagram
   and short names of code rates for expressing the number of
   seconds within the respective combination
   (e.g. time4State and time4StateS)

   - Capabilities distinguishes several code rates per modulation,
     but Configuration does not allow chosing code rate.
   - Performance is totally inflexibly listing combinations, that
     do not really relate to the transmission modes from the capabilities.
Additional InformationPotential solution might be referencing a transmission mode for configuring and for expressing Performance data.
Might require a list of datatype composed of transmission mode reference and time:integer expressing the number of seconds the airInterface operated the transmission mode.