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  • 2018-05-03 OIMT Meeting Notes

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03 May 2018



  • Administration
    • Meeting plan
    • Outgoing liaison statements
    • MEF meeting feedback
  • TR-512 v1.4 topics
    • ControlConstruct
    • Photonic model
    • Software model
    • Lifecycle updates
  • TAPI joint topics
    • Equipment model
  • WT joint topics
    • WT optical transponder modeling

Discussion Items

  • Plan for December 3-7 OIMT & OTCC meeting
    • Confirmed the location: Santa Clara, California. Co-located with the ONF member workday
    • ONF CONNECT 2018 Dec. 4-6 Santa Clara Marriott (Combine with ONF Bootcamp, CORD and ONOS Build events)
    • Monday and Friday at the ON.Lab office
      • Action item - Kam: Reserve room for Monday and Friday
        • Request made
  • Rough plan for 2019 meetings
    • 1Q (February or March 18-22) in Darmstadt, Germany, hosted by DT (To be confirmed)
    • 2/3Q in Asia/Australia (September in Australia), need host
    • 4Q in California, colocated with ONF member workday,
  • June 11-15 Ottawa meeting agenda plan
    • V1.4 publication
    • Discuss future direction. Send in input prior to the meeting.
    • TAPI 2.1 model review
  • Next week IM-D on Work item task sheet and future strategic direction
    • Note that Germany public holiday May 10 (Thursday), 21 (Monday), 31 (Thursday)
  • Progress of ONF URN NID (Kam, Bernd, Scott)
    • Action item - Kam/Bernd/Scott: To apply IANA code point
  • Software model
    • Reasonable progress has been made in the documentation, on target for deliverable
IM-E Nigel, Karthik, Andrea, Scott
  • MEF meeting feedback
    • Scott: top-down: CTO strategy how to work with open sources, to make stds faster, bring in IM/DM to be used in MEF technical spec., problem: committees all run by traditional stds way, agile development,
    • Andrea: modeling
    • Nigel is taking the Core Model and working with Joel to see how it can be plugged into MCM
IM-FTR-512 v1.4 topicsNigel
  • ControlConstruct model tidy up and update
    • Still in Nigel's work list
 TAPI joint topicsNigel/Karthik
  • Photonic/Media model update 
  • Equipment model for TAPI
  • Karthik noted that there will be a ODTN 1-day face-to-face quarterly meeting at ONF office on May 9th.
    • Phase 1.5,
      • Primary focus is disaggregation.
        • Separate the line system from the transponder.
      • Provisioning for connectivity. Given the topoloby, compute the path
    • Karthik is the use case team of ODTN
    • Karthik plans to present the media model 3:00 pm PT.
    • Nigel will dial-in.
  • Nigel presented what has been and will be updated in TR-512.A.4 on the media model and documentation
    • OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)
    • Will work at the Tuesday TAPI call with Karthik on the presentation slides
    • A.4 will be liaised to ITU-T SG15
 WT joint topics 
  • WT Optical transponder modeling
  • Not discussed
 TR-512 v1.4 topics 
  • Lifecycle updates – State transition review (draft from Malcolm)
  • Not discussed

Action Items