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17 April 2018



  • Administrative Updates
    • TAPI SDK 2.1 Plan
    • TAPI Wiki Structure
  • Main Discussion Items
    • OTSi Media Model
      • High Level Model
      • Relationship of OMS-OTS to OTSi
      • OTSi OAM in MEP/MIP style
    • TAPI OAM Model
      • Updates to JobControl and JobConstraints
    • Github Issues
      • ETH VLAN Config #313
      • Multi-layer NEP #309
  • Other issuesReview of TAPI RI example(s) and desired enhancements
    • TAPI Equipment/Inventory Model
    • RESTConf compliance of TAPI OpenAPI
    • Representation of ODU channelization info in SIP/CSEP
    • Notification enhancements
      • Subscription to specific attribute changes
      • Representation of change-delta for deep/complex attribute data-types
  • TAPI 2.0 Documentation and Use Cases
    • Termination Model (SIP, SEP, NEP, CEP)
    • Multi-layer, Multi-domain Connectivity
    • Resiliency, Protection & Restoration
    • OAM, Performance and Monitoring

Discussion Items

5minsGeneral Administrative & StatusKarthik Sethuraman
  • No TAPI Call Next week (April 24) due to MEF/OIF Q2 meeting
  • May 1 is a public holiday in many countries - So skip TAPI Call on May 1st
  • Next TAPI call on May 8
5minsTAPI Release PlanningKarthik Sethuraman
  • TAPI 2.0.2 Release
    • Github tagged 2 weeks ago
  • TAPI 2.0.3 is not planned for now
    • Minor Github Issues only
  • Focus on TAPI 2.1 (July end)
    • OTSi Spec Model Updates to include media
    • ETH Spec Model Updates to include OAM
    • Add DSR Spec Model
    • OAM Model Updates to align with MEF NRM-OAM
    • Notification Model Updates
    • Add Equipment/Inventory Model (previously scheduled for 2.2)
  • TAPI 3.0
    • Switch to a Major release number only if there are major backward compatibility impacts
  • Create separate develop branches now?
    • Not needed unless we have to fix more 2.0.2 bugs
60minsOTSi Model

Nigel Davis

  • Media Channel in TAPI is modeled as an OTSiG Connection (bundle of OTSi media channels)

  • Media Channels in ITU-T - Constraining, concatenating and filtering the signal spectrum (ignores that OTSi requires DSP to resolve the spectrum)

  • Disaggregated Node with Overheads and no amplifiers

  • Schematic with amplifier put back in the picture

  • Relationship of OMS-OTS to OTSi
45minsGithub Issues

Andrea Mazzini

Karthik Sethuraman

  • ETH VLAN Config - Issue #133
    • ETHG (group of VLAN IDs) is used for OAM purposes where only a single VLAN is monitored

    • All VLANs in ETHG has to be co-routed, but beyond the scope of the OAM ME/MA, each of these VLANs may have separate route. Thus ETHG is not necessarily E2E.
    • But from an UNI-N side, all these VLANs are/should be bundled. So effectively they are a single connection

    • Is the below valid to model or monitor as a bundled-connection even if they belong to different services and if they are co-routed in the transit domain. No if needs to be done, OVC (S-Tags) has to be used.

Action Items