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21 March 2018



Discussion Items

1Open Points of TR-532all team
  • #24: Netconf requests to configure a link bundling
    --> agreement on one of the two proposals not reached yet
  • #25: Space Diversity enhancement
    --> Thorsten will list all the parameters today part of bidirectional object and then we'll decide the ones for the two distinct directions (See action items)
  • #29  Expected Radio Signal Identifier
    --> closed and decided (to be inserted in UML - Thorsten)
  • #30, #33, #34: Performance Monitoring:
    --> action ongoing (Daniela, Martin)
  • #31: Performance Monitoring – Adaptive Modulation
    --> action ongoing (Danilo, Thorsten)
  • The following points will be discussed in the next meeting:

    #26 Minimum Power on ATPC

    #27 1+1 HSB - Driving Criteria in Adaptive Modulation

    #28 1+1 HSB - Driving Criteria in ATPC

    #35 Net Bandwidth / Operative Bandwidth

2PoC 5All teamUse case interesting for 5G is the slicing use case: we need to identify which are the impacts in the model for supporting network slicing including MW links; in particular the idea is to implement network slicing with different segments in the network with different SVID and to manage them in different way accordingly to the slice attributes
3other actions from F2F-

1) AP Giorgio Cazzaniga: develop a slide to be presented by ONF at the ONS, regarding the 5th PoC

--> ongoing (see slides presented in the meeting)

2) Cooperation with ETSI mmW (with reference to SDN Plugfest):

--> no interest; no further action planned (point closed)

Action Items

    Giorgio Cazzaniga: develop a slide to be presented by ONF at the ONS, regarding the 5th PoC
    As WT team we need to understand the relationships with 3GPP for what is concerning the management architecture for 5G (this is to be as well addressed in ONAP SDN-R) – for the moment open in WT ONF – not addressed with specific actions.
    Contribute to examples of usage of Core Model with WT cases (Martin to circulate the slides about usage of Core Model in WT)
    (Thorsten) in order to start analysys of undiirectional airInterface model it is needed to go through the model and identify the parameters that are applicable to TX and RX
    Thorsten Heinze to circulate mediator interface definition proposal and use cases (done)
    Action to Thorsten Heinze for adding factory setting for alarms in TR-532 1.1 version (ongoing) à for TR-532 1.1 version
    #30,33,34 Action Point to Martin/Daniela to formalize the proposal for PM Control (#34 should be a group decision way - for #30, 33 please see https://wiki.opennetworking.org/download/attachments/265093121/Microwave%20Model-next.pptx?api=v2)
    #31Action to Danilo and Thorsten to formalize the proposal for the model for performance monitoring / adaptive modulation
    Action to Wolfgang/Michael to provide an input for performance measurement methodology on mediator (ongoing)

    Action items related to PoC5: Look at ONAP Use Cases (in particular for 5G) for POC5: one of the point will be the ‘slicing’ concept of 5G and how this impacts WT model (Giorgio, Martin).

    Action items related to PoC5: Resilience on SDN Controller (Martin)
  •  #29 - Action Point to Thorsten Heinze  to add #29 in UML for TR-532