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Stratum is currently undergoing incubation, and the source code, as along with some documentation and mailing lists, is only available to Stratum members. Anyone (companies or individuals) can become a member.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Become an ONF member (if you are not already one) by completing the ONF Membership Agreement. Stratum membership is contingent of good standing membership of the ONF.
  2. Have a specific plan for contributing to the project, including what you will do and who will do the work. You need to complete a Contribution Proposal and submit it to Your proposal must be approved by the TST to become a member.
  3. Sign a Project participant agreement and submit it to The project participant agreement is the primary legal document. It is important to note that this document commit the organization to a minimum of one full time contributing engineer. That engineer must help the Stratum team work towards all deliverables, not just deliverables desired by the member organization. For individuals joining the project, your proposal should include the amount of time that you plan to commit to the project, which will be reviewed by the TST. Members that fail to contribute to the project may be removed from the project.
  4. Sign the Institutional Contributor License Agreement (CLA) or Individual Contributor License Agreement (CLA). You can submit the documents to If you need to add individuals to your institutional CLA, you can complete the Institutional Addendum to CLA. The institutional CLA is the Apache CLA, with some adjustments to make it applicable to the Stratum project (changes do not legally affect the Apache CLA wording).

How to Join the Mailing List Stratum-announce

Step 1: Fill in the form:

Step 2: Click the link in the confirmation email