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09 January 2018




  • Ethernet OAM YANG

Discussion Items

  • Kam reported that the presentation slides and video of the OIMT & OTCC track at the November 2017 ONF CORD BUILD meeting are now publicly available, at the link below.
  • Kam reported that the location of March 12-16, 2018 OIMT & OTCC meeting is confirmed. It will be in London at the Ciean facility. The location is very close (several minutes walking distance) from the Dec. 2017 Q14/15 London interim meeting. So the same logistic information is applicable for the March 2018 meeting, including the hotel information. He reminded people to register on the doodle poll if plan to attend.
  • TR-512 v1.3.1 publication
 Ethernet OAMKam
  • Regineered UML of IEEE CFM (draft) YANG
    • Since the IEEE CFM YANG (draft) model is still unstable, the team decided to put on-hold the re-engineering around the unstable CFM YANG draft model.  OT-IM team (and Q14/15) will just use the current available re-engineered UML from Bernd (in particular the lists of attributes of the MEP, MepDb, and LtrEntry) as the base for pruning the G.8052 model for G.8052.1.
    • Up to now, there is no official Editor draft of CFM YANG yet. So far what is available is just an individual draft, which is the one Bernd has been using for re-engineering.
      • The IEEE Birdge YANG is considered quite stable, but it doesn't support NMDA yet.
    • Mapping of the YANG primitive data types is being discussed in the IISOMI infrastructure team
  • G.8052 P&R for G.8052.1
    • Kam showed the prun/refactor sketch of
  • Up comping IEEE and Q14/15 meetings
    • Jan. 22 - 26 IEEE 802.1 and 802.3 meeting, expect there will be updates to the YANG models: LLDP, Bridge, CFM, Security
    • Jan 27 Joint SG15 & IEEE 802.1 & 802.3 Workshop
    • Jan 28 Q14 Interim meeting, invited: IEEE 802.1 & 802.3 Workshop
    • Jan 29 - Feb 9: SG15 meeting

Action Items