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12 December 2017



Discussion Items

  • Start recording
  • Cloud storage
    • With the discontinuing ARO, need a storage for documents (deliverable, such as TR-512 etc.) and recording of conference calls
    • The current wiki has limitation on the size of the file to be posted.
      • ONF TR-512 v1.3 and recordings couldn't be post on wiki;
      • Had considered dropbox. but Chinese colleagues couldn't access dropbox.
      • Cassandra has suggested to try
        • Concern raised regarding copyrights issues etc.
    • Solution for TR-512 v1.3
      • Post it on ONF public library
        • Action Item - Kam/Nigel: follow up with Timon to close the loop of v1.3 publication
      • V1.3.1 will be small and will have no issue of posting the draft on wiki. Final publication will be on the public library
      • For the future revision (e.g., v1.4), fragmenting the TR-512 suite into subsets, instead of one big-package, to avoid single big file
    • Open Issue: Still need to resolve the issue of posting the recordings.
 Q14/15 LiaisonsKam

Two ITU-T Q14/15 liaison statements from its London Interim Meeting have been received.

Summary of the LS

  • Regarding coordination on IM/DM for OAM 
    • SG15-LS80: Liaison statement regarding coordination on IM/DM for OAM (reply to IEEE 802.3WG-LS54 (TD141/WP3))
    • To IEEE 802.1 & 802.3, cc ONF & MEF
    • The UML version of .1Qcx on IISOMI have been referenced for IEEE's information
    • Issue of the current way of indexing of the Maintenance Domain (MD) Class was raised
    • Detail analysis of the CCM and LBM/LBR modeling in Q14/15 and IEEE (in SNMP) was also shared with IEEE
  • On Information Modeling 
    • SG15-LS81: Liaison Statement on Information Modeling (to OIMT and OTCC Projects)  
    • Informed that the issue of the data type of oduType was addressed in v3.05 of G.874.1
    • Requested multi-layer examples
      • Action Item - Kam: Schedule discussion for Dec. 14 Thursday IM-D (5:00 - 6:00 am Pacific Time)
    • Shared input on the media model
    • Share the updated editor drafts of G.874.1 v3.05, G.sync-mgmt v0.05, and G.8052.1 v0.02
 Ethernet OAM ModelsKam


  • Q14/15 London meeting decision
    • Aim to normalize the G.8052 on-demand and proactive measurement jobs

    • Aim to normalize the TTP & CTP classes as LTP for the OTN, Ethernet, and MPLS-TP models

    • Aim to transform the operations into attributes for the OTN, Ethernet, and MPLS-TP models

    • Concluding that LAG and Traffic conditioning/shaping are not in the scope of G.8052.1

  • A sketch for the pruned/refactored MEP model was produced for G.8052.1 v0.02 


IEEE 802.1 & 802.3

Bernd presented the UML model of the IEEE cfm YANG module (re-engineered).

It was pointed out that the UML Model

  • is still not complete
  • contains all YANG artifacts
  • mappings to be reviewed are highlighted in blue
  • artifacts for which mappings are missing are highlighted in red
  • attribute cardinalities are all [1] (Papyrus default) and still need to be set

The YANG modules which are imported by the cfm YANG module contain only those artefacts used in cfm; i.e., are not complete at all.

There are some open mapping issues:
Re-engineering of YANG leafrefs

leaf ma-format {
          type leafref {
            path "/dot1q:bridges/dot1q:bridge/cfm:cfm/cfm:md/cfm:ma/cfm:format";

How to point to the referenced leaf format?
Possible solution: The UML navigable association end role name is equal to the referenced leaf name.

Issue: This is not always the case in cfm:

Due to time constraints it was not possible to discuss the other open issues.

  • Will schedule for Dec. 14 Thursday IM-F (8:00 - 9:00 AM Pacific Time)

Action Items