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  • ONF Board Election for At-Large Seat - 2023 Term

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  • Cleanup of Primary Representative List for Member Companies
  • Nominations 
  • Voting
  • Runoff Vote in the event no nominee wins a majority (> 50%) of the vote

Defining the Voting Community - and Cleanup of Primary Representative List

The voting community is composed of the primary contacts from all ONF members classified as Members.  The list of Primary Representativesfrom each Member Company is maintained by the ONF.  Member companies should review their representative periodically, and should notify ONF if they wish to update their primary representative(s) before voting begins.

Background - Each member company has a designated Primary Representative.  This role is used for administrative tasks like reviewing IPR protected documents, bylaw changes, annual renewals, and voting for the board at-large seat.  In cases where multiple representatives are listed for a member company, one of the representatives is identified as the primary.  All member companies are encouraged to review this list and adjust their representatives as they see fit.


Nominations can be made by any individual from any member company.   Nominees must be employed by a member company not already represented on the board.   Additional details, the process to submit nominations and current nominees can be found here.    

In the event that there is only a single nomination for the position, there will not be a vote.


Each member has a single vote.  The voting URL will be sent to the primary representative from each company.  The voting URL may only be used once.

Every company should review their list of primary representatives and notify the ONF if they wish to provide updates before voting begins. Per section 14.4 of the ONF Bylaws, if a Member is more than 30 days past due in paying annual membership fees, they will not be able to vote in any ONF election unless they bring their account current by the deadline to make changes. 

Runoff Vote

A majority is required to win the election (someone must receive > 50% of cast ballots).  If no nominee has a majority of the vote, a runoff election will be held between the top two candidates.


2023 Term Timeline
October 20, 2022ONF builds preliminary Voting Community list based on identified Primary Representatives from each Member company.
October 28Open nominations
Notify membership of upcoming vote so companies have an opportunity to confirm and adjust their registered Primary Representative
Oct 31 - Nov 8Periodic reminders to update Primary representative
November 8Close Nominations
Close opportunity for companies up update their Primary Representative
November 8Get out the vote - ballot sent to Primary Representative from each member company
November 18First Round of voting Ends. If no nominee has a majority of the vote, a runoff election will be held with the top two candidates
November 21Runoff Election opened For voting
November 29, 2022Board Member Announced for 2023 term, and invited to Dec 2022 board meeting to observe and to all 2023 meetings