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10 October 2017





  • To record the meeting (smile)
  • Review discussion in MEF regarding TAPI and propose actions
  • Discuss, review and progress TAPI ETH Spec Model

Discussion Items

Link to recording to be added shortly.

5minReview AgendaNigel DavisOK
 Review Previous Meeting Notes & Action Items StatusNigel Davis

Worked through the actions:

  • Highlighted the CORD Build agenda (
    • Nigel explained the flow and purpose of each session
  • Highlighted the plan for the demonstration on the Science Fair
    • Two booths
      • Tapi focus
        • Running TAPI (Demo)
        • TAPI model (Wall chart/poster)
        • Model driven API (Demo)
        • TAPI UML to YANG tooling (may be on OIMT booth)
        • Round trip (Wall chart/poster)
      • OIMT focus
        • Spec approach (Animation)
        • The core model (Wall chart/poster)
        • Deriving the specs via P&R (Demo)
        • Deriving TAPI from the core via P&R (Demo)
        • Round trip (Wall chart/poster)
 Admin - OTCC Project Migration itemsLyndon Ong
  • TAPI to use Gotomeeting for weekly calls
 Admin - ONF Interim MeetingNigel Davis
  • Nov 6-10, 2017, Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), 1010 Rincon Circle, San Jose, CA 95131
    • OTCC & OIMT meets at event venue on Tue-Thu and at ONF office on Mon/Fri
  • Co-located with CORD Build Summit
  • Registration: (Free for ONF members)
  • Agenda
    • Wednesday afternoon: We have a track for TAPI and Core IM; this will be on the CORD Build agenda
    • Tuesday and Thursday we have a large room for us to work; this will NOT be on the CORD Build agenda
    • Science fair stand for demo, 2 hours per day at lunch time on Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday
 Admin - Liaison Items MEF NRP SDK to be publicly announcement very soon - It is based on TAPI.
 TAPI MEF DiscussionAndrea Mazzini

MEF concerns

  • Pruning and Refactoring
    • Concern over the terms, so NRM will be considered as being derived
  • Spec approach
    • Only adding at the moment
  • Recognized pace of approach
  • Some conceptual aspects still open
  • Does not block progressing to letter ballot
  • MEF Core model should provide a common ground for all models in MEF and hence there needs to be a MEF approach to ONF modeling environment
    • How to approach the federating of models?
  • We need to maintain sufficient consistency to prevent us from diverging
  • Perhaps MEF should provide a formal input on the specific issues such that ONF can respond
  • Distinctly different usages of UML cause part of the issue
  • We need to identify which aspects of the modeling approach are oriented towards the interface implementation (client-server)
  • The MEF core model has a different purpose to the interface model
  • Navigability discussion
    • We need to unpick the rationale
    • There are a number of separable concerns that are tangled up with navigability
    • Consider the purpose of the model
 Ethernet Spec modelAndrea MazziniRefer to OTIM meeting minutes.

Action Items (Previous)

  •  Hing-Kam LAM: Presentation for CORD build. Provide framework to team.
  •  Lyndon Ong: First proposal for engagement with CORD implementation team - Ongoing
  •  Nigel Davis: Follow up with Andrea Campanella from ONF (wrt IM and ONOS harmonization)
  •  Karthik Sethuraman,  Identify demos for the Science Fair
  •  Italo Busi: Current status of open points on ODU will be available this Friday (13 Oct 2017)
  •  Lyndon Ong : Check with ONF regarding the copyright and IPR policies for contributions made to OTCC & OIMT. - Ongoing

Action Items (New)

  •  ~kamlam: Prepare draft agenda for Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday of November meeting.
  •  Nigel DavisAndrea Mazzini: Prepare arguments for association navigability in the conetxt of the MEF discussions.
  •  Andrea Mazzini: Trigger a liaison statement from MEF on issues with the ONF modeling approach (as appropriate in MEF)