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  • 2017-09-28 OIMT Meeting Notes

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  • Update on the v1.3 publication
    • TR-512 v1.3 is now available on the wiki page Ready for ONF Approval
      • This is the version for ONF level approval by the ONF Board (or ONF TST).
        • If there is any required updates resulted from the Board Review, such updates will be provided in v1.3.1 or later version.
      • Prepare a presentation for the Board Review meeting (October 11)
        • Kam to prepare an initial ppt to work with Nigel
    • Due to the wiki limitation on file size (10 MG), the zip file "" (which contain the entire TR-512 document suites and model files) has been posted in a drop box instead on directly on the wiki page.
      • It appears that the link to the drop box is not accessible to colleagues who are located in China, including Rod, Xiang, and Qilei.
        • To solve this problem, Scott will put the "" zip file on his personal FTP server for Rod etc to access the "" file
          • Rod has confirmed that the FTP works.
    • Will give instruction on how to import the Core Model papyrus into one's local environment
  • Face-to-face meeting logistic & agenda planning
    • November CORD Build meeting
      • CORD Build (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)
        • Lyndon/Karthik/Nigel/Kam will discuss on Friday to prepare for the presentation, demo, and agenda topics
        • Got some CORD contact names for engagement
      • OIMT+OTCC (Monday and Friday) agenda
        • v1.4 topics
    • December London meeting (invited by ITU-T Q14/15)
      • Logistic
      • Hotel, Transportation, etc. to be provided
  • Uberconference & Wiki structure
    • Cassandra is working on replacing Uberconference with GoToMeeting
IM-EWT & TAPIMartineMartin

WT Spec model work - discussing using Spec model in WT


  • Discussion
    • To configuration the stuff in AirInterfaceConfiguration, will need to create the connection
    • Should use the media model for setting up the MW MediaChannel
      • Set up the device first,
      • Then set up the media channel
    • The TAPI model needs to look at the media channel too
    • The Media model still has a long way to go. May be we could use the December London meeting
    • Point to point media channel could be simplier
    • Point to multi-point is not unidirectional anymore
    • Suggest to look at v1.3 TR-512.2 and TR-512.A.4
  KarthikTAPI Spec models: ODU, OTSi, Ethernet
  • OTSI Spec model (better to discuss in the OT-IM call)
  • MEF feedback on the TAPI model, in particular the core model concept: Forwarding (Topology/Node) and Link
    • ICM is Infrastructure Control and Managemnet
    • Lots of comments: some related to UML, some to the modeling concept
    • Need to articulate why model in such way
    • UML issue: MEF wants to see bidirectional association, which may create cycle/loop
      • Need to use OCL (Object constraint language)
IM-Fv1.4 Items 
  • Current status: Planning & Work Items
  • Karthik confirmed his role for the "?" items
  • Agreed not to create brigades for the work items for the next release (v1.4)
  • There is an opportunity for creating a brigade for OAM in the following release.
  • Nigel noted that the Operation patterns item is more than just "intent".
  • Agreed to created a new item on "Intent". The Excel table was updated
    • Will see if the "Intent" work could be merged into Operation patterns
    • Nigel to determine whether there is already an Intent brigade in ONF
      • If isn't, is it viable to create one
  • Need to progress the work items, not just going through the list again;
    • Expect sharing progress/update next week on the following items
      • Specification - Nigel
      • OAM - Andrea
      • Layer examples - Xiang
      • Entity lifecycle - Malcolm
      • Topology - Nigel
      • Rationale - Kam
      • Intent - Nigel