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12 September 2017



  • Complete ODU and OTSi Spec models and progress Ethernet (depends upon attendees

Discussion Items

15 minAdminKam/Nigel
  • TRs need to be approved by the Board (or ONF TST once created)
  • CORD Build:
    • Presentation: OIMT and OTCC (WT, OTIM, and TAPI) focus
      • BZ, KL, ND, KS, LO, MS
    • CORD meeting Wednesday afternoon
      • Look through existing brigades to identify the most likely candidate
      • Approach the brigade(s) with a proposal for joint work
      • Work will probably be related to TAPI
      • Potential discussion on IM wrt ONOS harmonization layer (BZ provided some details)
      • KL, ND, LO, KS to find CORD attachment point
    • Science fair:
      • Tooling demo: Yang and P&R tooling demo
        • P&R: Core - Tapi, Core - WT, Ethernet OAM from ITU-T, Scheme spec
        • Yang: Tapi - Yang and OpenApi
      • Tapi demo: ??
      • Spec model usage: ??
      • KS, ND to identify demo candidate
  • London
    • Challenge with logistic as the Ciena building will be being modified and there will be significant construction in the building
      • It currently appears that the construction work will be several floors up
      • Nigel is looking for alternatives in London
    • Nigel is validating logistics
    • Visa letter will be out this week
  • Uber Conferece
    • Toll free number in the US is very poor. Can we get this improved?
    • Display quality is poor. Can we get this improved?
    • Incidentally, we needed to move
    • We collided with the wireless call
  • Issue with available frequency slot on the OTSi pool pac
  • Nigel clarified the NodeEdgePoint is facing outwards, the pool pack associates with the outgoing media
  • The Node Edge Point only represents a single OTSiA so it is not the whole media. There is one NEP per OTSiA and many per fiber.
  • Slide #5 of Karthik's slide deck "TAPI Termination Model" was looked at and notes were added during the discussion.
  • If I have 80 frequency slots, every time I add a new frequency slots I need to update all OTSiA NEPs.
  • There was a preference that the NEP represented the fiber (and hence could not be called OTSiA NEP)
  • The contents of the OTSiAPoolPAC and the OtsiNodeEdgePointsSpec are OK. Agreed by meeting regardless of multiplicity. But there was a concern
  • Alternative OTSI client types (figure adjusted)
  • In the model the OTSiCep should be OTSiACep
  • The OTSiA Spec seems over compressed. There need to be rules on assembleability, statements of capability of any particular OTSi and the actual setting.
    • There should be an OTSi spec with invariant properties along with variable (RO/WR) attributes and a OTSiA/G with assembly rules spec that can select different OTSi types
  • The selected frequency slot in OtsiGCtpPac is redundant (OtsiTermninationPac/selectedNomnalCentralFreq.... and if n=1 for OTSiA NEP then also OtsiAPoolPacoccupiedFreuencySlot
  • Need statement in the OtsiCleintAdapterPac (capability and opportunity to state current)
  • It was agreed that FEC needed to be added to OTSiACep in the spec
  • Outstanding issues
    • Redundant attribute
    • Add Fec
    • Relationship of NEP to physical port
  • Brief discussion on Italo's material (not currently ready for discussion)

  • Noted that OduPoolPac and OduProtectionPac needed further work

  • Italo is not available on Thursday
  • Discussion on TPN. Noted that TPN is 14 bits in the data plane today, n is effectively unbounded.
  • For up to ODU4, TPN is 1..80; For ODUCn, TPN is up to n.20
  • Malcolm suggested that for ODUCn there should be two separate numbers n and a number 1..20...
  • Agree that there would be a flat number.
  • There should be no range in the UML
  • Boundary is per technology/case and this should be provided in the spec for the case.
  • Challenge of identifying the time-slots. Challenge where the time-slots that are across several servers.
 EthernetAndreaDeferred to Thursday

Action Items

  •  ~kamlam: Presentation for CORD build. Provide framework to team.
  •  Lyndon Ong: First proposal for engagement with CORD implementation team
  •  Nigel Davis: Follow up with Andrea Campanella from ONF (wrt IM and ONOS harmonization)
  •  To-be-removed,  Identify demos
  •  ~kamlam: Doodle poll for London meeting.
  •  Nigel Davis: Provide feedback on Uber to Cassandra Blair
  •  Italo Busi: Current status of open points on ODU will be available this Friday, so that be available for the Q14 Ottawa meeting next week