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05 September 2017



  • Administrative: tools, repository, mailing list
  • Model extension
  • PoC 41

Discussion Items

1AdministrativeGiorgio Cazzaniga
  • the mailing list for WT activities is the same used until now in ONF: microwave-wmwg@opennetworking.org 
  • Starting from the next call we'll have to use the new tool for conference (no more Webex but Uberconference). Details will follow As suggestion, let's keep the current calendar invitation until we don't have the new information
  • There will be a coordination call inside OTCC on MONDAY during the call (OTCC, former OTWG call)
  • This wiki page will be the reference for document posting
  • (post meeting note) For hte Fourth PoC Videos, I've received the following information from ONF:
  • "In the second phase of the ONF website we will be adding more pages - we are looking at the best spot to move the videos to. For now, all videos are on our ONF YouTube and Vimeo channels:
2ModelThorsten Heinze
  • The document describing the proposal for Ethernet PHY model presented in the WT call of 22/8 is not available yet (AP Thorsten)
  • It has been clarified that this proposal will be discussed in the context of broader OTCC team (where more experts on Ethernet area will be present), but it has been presented initially to WT team for comments Suggestion is to have a joint session dedicated to the discussion
  • From the experience of the field trial ongoing in Telefonica Germany, it seems that a better attention about the link between the WT model and the Core model needs to be dedicated
  • We need to make a plan for discussion in the coming WT meetings about the open issues of the model tracked via Mantis tool (AP Thorsten)
3PoC 41Martin Skorupski
  • The interest for participating to this PoC is to start integrating WT activities in a broader context like ONAP
  • The current proposal presented includes the management of the inventory, exported by ODL to ONAP through interface named AAI (documented in ONAP wiki): https://wiki.onap.org/display/DW/AAI+API
  • For the interfaces (API) for service management a broader activity is needed (as presented in some WT calls, the idea could be to use TAPI interface)
  • In general we need to take a decision, due to time constraints (plan to have PoC 4-1 in November)


Action Items

  •  Thorsten Heinze for uploading ETH PHY model proposal
  •  Thorsten Heinze for proposing a plan for discussion in WT call about the change requests present in Mantis
  •  Giorgio Cazzaniga to distribute information about uberconnection for the next call

Action Items from previous meetings:

  •  Luis M. Contreras upload document on 5G slicing from 3GPP and NGMN
  •  @Tracy upload new edition of 5G slicing document