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22 August 2017



  • 'Soft meeting' in order to align respect to the latest August meetings

Discussion Items

1PoC 4-1Tracy
2Ethernet ModelThorsten
  • Ethernet PHY model has been presented by Thorsten (document to be uploaded)
  • We need to review the content
  • the results of our 4th PoC have been posted as blog in the new ONF web page
This includes also the Video link:
  • the ONF blog has been published as well on Telecompaper:
  • the OTCC project is going to be approved.
  • new WIKI page (this !)

Action Items

  •  Review the PoC 4-1 use case document uploaded by Tracy (all)
  •  Upload document for Etherent PHY model (Thorsten)
  •  Review Ethernet PHY model (all)