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  • otcc20yy.ZZ.xxx_brief-title
    • where ZZ is two letter initial of the author in capital letters, e.g., JD for John Doe
    • where xxx is a 3 digit sequential number starting with 001. Each author owns and manages his/her own sequences and brief title.
    • yy is a 2 digit year when the first version of contribution is uploaded
    • Please avoid specifying the document revision/version number in the file name to allow confluence-wiki to manage multiple versions of the document.
  • Examples: 
    • oimt2019otcc2019.KL.001_ETH-TP-refactoring
    • oimt2019otcc2019.KL.002_draft-TR-512.A.3-v1.4
    • oimt2018otcc2018.KL.002.01_draft-TR-512.A.3-v1.4 (avoid)