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What is the ONF Ambassador Program?

The ONF Ambassador Program empowers anyone knowledgeable and passionate about ONF projects and initiatives to promote these in their part of the world. The program provides a simple framework and tools to help organize or attend events, recruit and mentor new contributors, and support a local developer community. 

Who can be an Ambassador?

The Ambassador Program is open to anyone knowledgeable and passionate about the ONF projects (e.g., ONOS, CORD, etc.) Since becoming an Ambassador involves taking on a specific set of responsibilities, an interested individual will be asked to fill out an application form and be interviewed by a member of the Ambassador Program Steering Team (the A-team) before being accepted into the program.

What sort of responsibilities do Ambassadors have?

When joining the program, an Ambassador agrees to take on some or all of the following responsibilities:

  • Represent ONF and its technologies in his/her region;
  • Promote ONF projects and its mission;
  • Inspirerecruit, and support new contributors;
  • Document clearly all his/her activities for the benefit of the broader community.

What sort of activities do Ambassadors do?

There is a wide range of activities Ambassadors can drive, including:

  • Organizing and running local events (e.g., meet-ups, hackathons);

  • Attending and/or presenting at conferences;

  • Conducting online tutorials and presentations;

  • Speaking to local media/press.

How can I apply to become a Ambassador?

Applying to the program is very easy: all you need to do is fill out an application form and a member of the A-team will contact you shortly to guide you through the next steps.

What do I need to become an Ambassador?

In order to be accepted to the program we require a minimum level of knowledge of at least one ONF project, SDN technologies and networking in general. You can find here a list of concepts we expect an Ambassador to master when speaking in public.

Is there any material I can read before the interview to refresh my knowledge?

Yes! You can use this document as a starting point. Please keep in mind that this not an exam , but more of a chat conversation to assess the candidate's areas of strength points.

What are the incentives for becoming an Ambassador?

There are many reasons why you should join the Ambassadors program:

  • Represent the ONF officially and help push Being an official ONF representative and promoting the ONF's projects forward in your country;;

  • Get Getting access to specific tools and resources to organize your own events and get sponsorship financial assistance to attend others;

  • Gain Gaining valuable experience and learn learning new leadership skills;

  • Make Making new friends and work working closely with ONOS/CORD ONF contributors around the world;

  • Build Building a reputation within the ONOS/CORD ONF community and build expanding your own professional network.

Do I get paid for being an Ambassador?

The Ambassadors program is based on 100% volunteer basedwork. However, ONF does offer limited financial support to organize or attend industry events.

Where can I find and get in touch with other Ambassadors?

All Ambassadors have maintain a profile page on the Ambassadors Wiki and each page is listed on in the people directory Ambassador Program website.

How can I get ONOS/CORD swagONF SWAG?

SoonEach year, Ambassadors will have access to a special Resources Request form for events they are organizing or attending. Each request will be reviewed and approved/rejected by the Ambassador Steering team, based on a specific set of criteriaall active Ambassadors will receive an Ambassador Program t-shirt along with some basic SWAG, mostly stickers. In addition, if a SWAG is requested for an event organized by an Ambassador, ONF provides limited financial support to create SWAG.

Can I request and manage my own budget for an event?

Ambassadors have access to a special Budget Request form limited financial support for events they are organizing or attending. Each request is reviewed and approved /or rejected by the Ambassador Steering team, based on a specific set of criteriaA-team

 If an individual is already contributing to a specific area of the ONOS/CORD an ONF project, can that an individual also be an Ambassador?

Yes, absolutely, we highly encourage it! In fact, most Ambassadors are experienced ONOS/CORD ONF contributors who have been championing the project their respective projects for a long time.

Can there be several Ambassadors in the same country ?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of Ambassadors in a particular geographic location. In fact, the more Ambassadors in a given location the better, since we are trying to grow our community in the four corners all parts of the world.