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We provide space in the programs of our major developer events, ONOS Build and CORD Build, for community members to present information about their work and to demo their projects.  We encourage you to not only attend these events but to actively participate in them as well.  Check out the ONOS Build site and the CORD Build site to learn more about when the next events will be happening and how you can submit a proposal to take part in the Community Showcases and Science Fairs.


Maintaining Collaborator Recognition

The Collaborating Innovator membership level and Collaborator status both require that an organization being remain actively involved and contributing to at least one ONF Project (CORD, ONOS, SEBA, VOLTHA, COMAC, OMEC, P4, Stratum or any other ONF project). We understand that there are times when an organization won't be active (for instance, there are many universities as Collaborators and during the summer there may be not much going on while students are away) and there is no requirement to always be active in the community.  If there is a sustained period of inactivity that exceeds 2 or more major releases, then we will make a decision about delisting.