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Each membership level comes with a number of specific benefits.  A good place to start with getting involved in the community is to get a good understanding of what benefits you have access to and how to make use of those benefits.  This chart provides a high-level overview of membership benefits and more details are provided below.

Developer Assist Benefits


Support Benefits

The ONF is a community of communities, relying on the broader open source ecosystem build solutions and solve problems.  The ONF does not provide traditional technical support.  For organizations running production networks, a commercial vendor is recommended to help supplement and provide integration and support assistance.

The ONF is different than other open source communities in that we do staff a Lab.  This is a resource that we believe is vital to driving the success of our mission.  The ONF leverages our Lab expertise to provide a form of tier 2/3 support intended to help developers using and customizing ONF platforms and solutions.  We call this 'Developer Assist'.  By intention, the community still provides tier 1 support.  All requests for assistance must first be routed on community channels.  But various tiers of membership entitle certain members to escalate issues that are not getting resolved by the community.

We are still drafting the details on Developer Assist.  You can find a draft Developer Assist document here.

Marketing Benefits

Marketing benefits go here (draft document)