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Welcome to the Mininet Community wiki space . All information on this wiki is publicly accessible. If you would like to contribute to this space, you will need an ONF account: by ONF. If you're looking for more community information about Mininet, including how to get started with Mininet or how to contribute, go to


Mininet provides a virtual test bed and development environment for software-defined networks (SDN). Mininet enables SDN development on any laptop or PC, and SDN designs can move seamlessly between Mininet (allowing inexpensive and streamlined development), and the real hardware running at line rate in live deployments. Mininet enables


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Mininet is an open source project created and maintained for and by a community of networking and SDN enthusiasts. You are encouraged to join the discussion and also to contribute to the Mininet project in whatever way works best for you. You can find more information about joining the Mininet project here: