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The T-SAB group is currently focusing on Alignment to Standards Bodies and Time to Market issues for ONF solutions.

Table of Contents

Alignment to Standards Bodies


There is an opinion that service providers may not deploy an exemplar if aspects of it do not conform to certain standards bodies they follow or participate in.  The problem is that standards bodies move slow and may be out of date or irrelevant by the time the standard is ratified, therefore iterative development poses more promise.  The issue is that we haven't seen significant progress in adoption of the exemplar solutions.  We need to investigate the possibilities of an exemplar platform being a feedback into a standards body to speed of the standardization process and allow standards orgs to provide input to exemplar platforms.  Feedback from a standards body should not hinder development, if development is done right, it should allow for modification of parts of code to better adhere to standards where necessary.  This means decoupling tight relationships between software components and possibly leveraging more plugins to trade out code.  The following will list disadvantages, advantages and solutions.


  • Possibly quicker adoption of an exemplar as it is progressing with a standard or adhering to a standard that is mostly complete (where applicable)


  • Could possibly slow down development, but this could be offset by quicker adoption.


Time to Market


XOS/NEM Coupling


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ONOS Stabilization