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Bug tracking (Mantis) list of topics (target for Rel.2.0 TR-532):

  • #57: something to be added to TR-532: pure description (comment) not the model. We need simply to agree the text.
  • #56: data and time in different format in different packs in the model in the yang file. UML needs to be checked as well. If we define a format in the UML, then we have the same model in Yang. We need to use the Implementation common data types ad per TR-514 (UML Modeling Guidelines). Need to be fixed in the model (2.0) → decided.
  • #55: TR to provide an entire model kit. Document should contain not only UML but also YANG, interface validator and mediator.

Note: in the following website there is description of semantic for major/minor/bug fixing:

The same document contains the reference to intermediate models (working models).