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Welcome to the ONF Wireless Transport project !

The ONF Wireless Transport (WT) project charted under the ONF Open Transport Configuration & Control (OTCC) is responsible for the development of a technology specific interface definition for wireless point-to-point transport.

The UML Information Model, which is contained in the Wireless Transport Interface Definition (TR-532 v1.0) and pruned/refactored from the ONF Core Information Model 1.2, covers:

  • Device type related capability information
  • Configuration parameters
  • Status values
  • Current and historical performance values
  • Notifications for
    • Events
    • Configuration changes
    • Changes of discrete status values
    • Creation and deletion of data objects


Target of the Wireless Transport project is enabling any 3rd party to provide applications for managing a multi-vendor microwave network.


The project uses the following mailing/discussion list:!forum/wireless-transport

Videos created during the Wireless Transport project's Proof of Concepts can be found on the official ONF video channels:

Yang moduls and code are hosted on ONF Github repository at


For the duration of the preparation of the 5th PoC, please find the relevant information and data models on



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