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Outline colors reflect backward compatibility, dotted ones are planned items

Fill colors: red = do not use, green = candidate for production

Note that 2.1.4 delivery is still under discussion, no final agreement reached yet.

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See here the Archived Deliveries

See here the Candidate Features for Future Releases of TAPI SDK and RIA

See here the Feature priority for TAPI "2.5"

TAPI Reference Implementation Agreements under development

  • TR-547 2.3
    • RESTCONF Response codes for use cases
    • Security: identity, authentication, authorization, confidentiality
      • TLS, SSH
      • NACM


  • 2.1.4 May 2023 - Augments of 2.1.3
    • OAM and Equipment extensions

  • 2.4.0-RC1 delivered November 2022, 2.4.0 delivered December 2022. This includes RIA 2.0
    • See 2.4.0-RC1, 2.4.0
      • Delivery includes TR-547, TR-548, normalized alarms and notification/streaming scenarios
    • Not backward compatible with Version 2.1.3
    • Candidate for adoption
    • New Use Cases
      • OAM Provisioning
      • Optical Impairments (CCAMP/GNPy)
        • Including introduction of profiles/templates.
      • Physical Route
        • based on Access Ports and/or connector/pin statements
    • Consolidate/Adapt existing Use Cases to model 2.4
      • OTU layer management (as opposed to OTSi)
      • OTS_MEDIA and OMS layer qualifiers
      • Detected Condition (aligning streaming and notification approaches)
      • Clarified the navigation across layers
      • Clarification and improvement of asymmetric scenarios
      • Clarification on Notifications considering the different object relationships
      • Link between OTSi and MC/OTSiMC (transponder line ports - ROADM add/drop ports)
        • Solution is based on deprecation of OTSi qualifier and adoption of OTSiMC qualifier on both ROADM and transponder
      • Addition of Strand joint
        • Provides a more fine grained opportunity to specific fiber impairments
    • UNI and ENNI interfaces modelling
      • Options specified
    • 3R Scenarios (not fully covered at this stage)
      • In relationship with Asymmetric Service model
      • In relationship to Resiliency
      • See IETF related works
    • Begin to remove all RPCs - leaving the specification of required operations to RIA (through Restconf API spec).
    • Update the Alarm dictionary and formalize it in the model
    • Updates to streaming model
      • Improvements to the specification of stream type parameters
      • optional (preferred) use of common alarm definition
      • softening of attribute use to Conditional with clear condition statements
    • Several improvements to the equipment model
      • Geolocation moved from Amplification to Equipment
    • Profiles YANG had an issue with the augmentation with mandatory properties. Fixed in 2.4.0 using presence statement.

  • 2.4.1-RC1 & RIA 2.1 - Delivered March 2023
    • Bug fixing
      • Sanitized all default values
      • Reviewed the read/write access of all attributes
      • Made optional the selected CEP and selected Route of the Switch object
      • Made optional most attributes of the ResilienceConstraint object
      • Deprecated the isLockout attribute of ResilienceConstraint object
    • Enhancements
      • Added CommonExplicit and CommonOrganizationalExplicit to OtsiConfigPac for the provisioning of all transceiver parameters for the case where a predefined Profile to be referenced is not available.
      • Geolocation moved from Amplification to Equipment (check if 2.4.0 already)
        • post meeting note: yes it was already done in 2.4.0.
      • Introduction of Profile Type
      • Experimental (not yet covered by RIA) Photonic OAM definitions
      • Experimental (not yet covered by RIA) Switch Operation commands
      • Experimental (not yet covered by RIA) Active Problem List
    • Quality improvements
      • Graphic restructuring and alignment to grid of all diagrams
    • See also HighLevelDiff_Tapi2.1.3To2.4.1.pdf

  • > 2.4.1 
    • TR-547 RIA and other documents are under ongoing development: ONF TAPI RIA
    • Slide set which will be included in the RIA: otcc2022.AM.001_TAPI_RIASlides.pptx
    • DSR over OTSi (skip OTN) 
    • Multiband management extensions
    • OTSiG on multiple line ports
    • Replace all ENUM with IDENTITY, to allow the correct distribution of identities across the proper modules, to maintain the modularity.
    • Quality, e.g. add descriptions to UML - Technology specific modules.
    • Consider introduction of Administrative State for physical context objects.
      • Consider also more general subject of state propagation behavior.
    • Further development of Optical Impairments UCs - which lead to model changes
    • Further development of Connectivity UCs including 3R - which lead to model changes
    • Development of Path Computation UCs - which lead to model changes
      • Explore reuse of Connectivity model
      • Explore two distinct use cases:
        • Planning, i.e. create a quasi static set of paths which can used to guide future connectivity services
        • Connectivity Route Selection, i.e. at connectivity service creation, provide a set of alternative paths from which to select the preferred one
      • Consider potential improvements to diversity-policy of connectivity-service. The current enumeration does no appear to allow necessary flexibility/coverage
      • Review other work such as