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Outline colors reflect backward compatibility, dotted ones are planned items

Fill colors: red = do not use, green = candidate for production

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See here the Archived Deliveries

See here the Candidate Features for Future Releases of TAPI SDK and RIA

TAPI Reference Implementation Agreement

  • TR-547 2.0 - October 2022
    • Reference Model version is 2.4
    • See ONF TAPI RIA for more details
  • TR-548 2.0 - October 2022
    • Reference Model version is 2.4
  • TR-547 2.1 - February 2023
    • Progress on Path Computation
    • Progress on 3R
  • TR-548 2.1 - February 2023
    • Security
    • Delta streaming
  • TR-547 2.2 ?
    • RESTCONF Response codes for use cases
    • Security: identity, authentication, authorization, confidentiality
      • TLS, SSH
      • NACM


  • 2.4 - to be delivered together with RIA 2.0 - October 2022
    • TR-547 RIA and other documents under development: ONF TAPI RIA
    • Not backward compatible with Version 2.1.3
    • Candidate for adoption
    • New Use Cases
      • OAM Provisioning
      • Optical Impairments (CCAMP/GNPy)
        • Including introduction of profiles/templates.
      • Physical Route
        • based on Access Ports and/or connector/pin statements
    • Consolidate/Adapt existing Use Cases to model 2.4
      • OTU layer management vs. OTSi
      • OTS/OMS layers
      • Detected Condition
      • Clarified the navigation across layers
      • Clarification and improvement of asymmetric scenarios
      • Clarification on Notifications considering the different object relationships
      • Link between OTSi and MC/OTSiMC (transponder line ports - ROADM add/drop ports)
        • Solution is based on deprecation of OTSi qualifier and adoption of OTSiMC qualifier on both ROADM and transponder
      • Addition of Strand joint
        • Provides a more fine grained opportunity to specific fiber impairments
    • UNI and ENNI interfaces modelling
      • Options specified
    • 3R Scenarios
      • In relationship with Asymmetric Service model
      • In relationship to Resiliency
      • See IETF related works
    • Remove all RPCs - leaving the specification of required operations to RIA (through Restconf API spec).
    • Update the Alarm dictionary TAPI_Alarm_TCA_List_v1.0.0.xlsx and formalize it in the model
    • TR-548 RIA under development and will be posted in TAPI Contributions and Presentations mid September
    • Updates to streaming model
      • Improvements to the specification of stream type parameters
      • optional (preferred) use of common alarm definition
      • softening of attribute use to Conditional with clear condition statements

  • 2.4.1 - likely to be adopted by RIA 2.1 - February 2023
    • Development of Path Computation UCs - which lead to model changes
      • Explore reuse of Connectivity model
      • Explore two distinct use cases:
        • Planning, i.e. create a quasi static set of paths which can used to guide future connectivity services
        • Connectivity Route Selection, i.e. at connectivity service creation, provide a set of alternative paths from which to select the preferred one
      • Consider potential improvements to diversity-policy of connectivity-service. The current enumeration does no appear to allow necessary flexibility/coverage
      • Review other work such as
    • Further development of Optical Impairments UCs - which lead to model changes
    • Further development of Connectivity UCs including 3R - which lead to model changes
  • > 2.4.1 
    • DSR over OTSi (skip OTN) 
    • Multiband management
    • OTSiG on multiple line ports
    • Replace all ENUM with IDENTITY, to allow the correct distribution of identities across the proper modules, to maintain the modularity.
    • Quality, e.g. add descriptions to UML - Technology specific modules.
    • Consider introduction of Administrative State for physical context objects.
      • Consider also more general subject of state propagation behavior.