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Create an entry for your contribution, and then use the version number to link to or attach the document

File name convention otcc2017.xxx.yyy where xxx are the submitter's initials and yyy is the document number, scoped to the submitter.


File nameworking versionSourceTitleComment
onf2017.500.00-TAPI_FR_V2_DRAFTL. OngDraft TAPI FRD v2.0 
otcc2017.LYO.001-CORDBuildSlidesL. OngDraft CORD Build slides 
otcc2017.Rod.001Rod LUTAPI2.0_Gap_Analysis 
otcc2017.LYO.002-CORD Build TAPI Agenda and NotesL. OngAgenda and notes 
otcc2017.LYO.003-CORD Build TAPI PostersL. OngPosters from CORD Build "Science Fair" booth 
otcc2017.LYO.004-FRD_ExamplesL. OngNotification and Multilayer Examples for discussion 
otcc2018.LYO.001-MDML_Example_Feb02L. OngMulti-Domain/Multi-Layer Example for 02/06 discussion with OIF 
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