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Web Conference:

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(please feel free to correct and update your names (wink) Thank you very much!!!) 

Discussion items

00:00Chair topic 
no update 



2023-04-12: Martin Skorupski

2023-04-19: Martin Skorupski

2023-04-26: Martin Skorupski

2023-05-03: Martin Skorupski


@Eduardo Yusta 
Roberto Servadio 

Next Steps:

  • Create UML and then use UML2YANG tool to generate an augmentation yang to core-model-1-4:control-construct.
    • takes time ....
    • sources for the document are existing


  • Nader contacted IEEE chairs/representative - waiting for response


  • Function to be checked for the reference statement and its translation
00:10EthernetContainerFD #2@all

Working on the proposal

  • based on latest discussion - an EthernetContainerFC must not existing in 'parallel' to an VLAN-FC - for Microwave devices it is either or, maining that LTPs included in and EthernetContainerFC must not have client/server relations to an LTP(VLAN-IF) - and similar consequences.
00:55EthernetContainerFD #4@all

Adding references to Policing and QoS Profile?

  • please provide comments (smile)

END of the meeting

00:00Modelling Roadmap

all, Nader Zein 

latest version in wiki:
Q: timeline?

Modelling Roadmap

update sequence to pre-MW-2.0-yangs

all currently implemented pre-TR532 2.0 -> PACs (existing today, including RMON, PM)

Sync and the updates of the CoreModel 1.4 yang (target to be available as YANG in 2022-10)

Centralized Alarm List (available now)

Mediator Instance Manager (available now) (REST for Mediators not for devices) (reusable component to be prepared)

based on the ApplicationPattern

proposed official ONF TR532 2.0

Sync and the updates of the CoreModel 1.4 yang

Centralized Alarm List - needs to be in 2.0 because it has impact on all PACs

Equipment Augment Module

all currently implemented pre-TR532 2.0 -> PACs

Mediator Instance Manager (REST)

proposed official ONF TR532 2.1

Backup and Restore

LLDP -> related automatic link discovery


proposed official ONF TR532 3.0

CoreModel 1.6

NMDA alternative

Target: start ONF review mid of November 2022 for TR532 2.0

zip file with folder structure

top-level document 




00:00Backup and Restore@Senthilvel 

Requirements from TEF:

Comments could be addressed by adding issues in GitHub.

Backup and Restore Operations

backup configuration to FTP server

restore configuration from FTP server AND activate

abord operation individual for backup and restore

rollback to previous configuration stored in the device


Note: Mediator Instance Manager backup-and-restore functions are covered by app and cloud functions




Action items