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  • Continue the discussion on Cisco implementation
    • Review of draft-ietf-ccamp-dwdm-if-param-yang
  • Overview of TAPI alarm list for 2.4 version

Agreed Items & Priority

Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative



  • Scheduled two additional, dedicated TAPI calls:
    • Mon 14-16 and Wed 13-15 CEsT

See TAPI Call-in Details and Notes for the details.

TAPI weeky call

Preliminary agenda:

  • Continue the discussion of Cisco implementation
    • Continue the review of draft-ietf-ccamp-dwdm-if-param-yang
  • Progress the review of the Reference Implementation Agreement 2.0
10 minsCisco implementationGabriele Galimberti 

Gabriele Galimberti will upload the slides on the Cisco implementation to TAPI Contributions and Presentations.

  • But before posting the slides, Gabriele Galimberti would like to slightly modify the slide regarding the discovery of application code
    • checking whether also the TIP MUST / OpenConfig manifest list of parameters shall be coded and how.
  • We will ask Esther for more details.
  • As mentioned last week, in TAPI 2.1.3 the operational mode is represented by OtsiTerminationConfigPac as:
    • applicationIdentifierType = PROPRIETARY
    • applicationCode = string where the relevant parameters are coded.
25 mins

Review of draft-ietf-ccamp-dwdm-if-param-yang

As agreed last week, we need to check whether the TAPI Transceiver Profile model needs enhancements based on draft-ietf-ccamp-dwdm-if-param-yang-07

  • Current TAPI Transceiver Profile model is based on:
  • Andrea Mazzini shows some slides with a first comparison between schemas.
    • typedef opt-if-och-tca-types is a candidate for inclusion in TAPI Alarm and TCA spreadsheet.
      • Nigel Davis we need to check whether "max/min" prefixes of PM metrics can be replaced by using generic ThresholdType (upper/lower etc.)
  • Gabriele Galimberti is currently working on version 08, with the plan to present it to CCAMP call next week
    • hence also the TAPI comparison work is postponed to next week.
20 mins

Overview of TAPI alarm list for 2.4 version

Andrea Mazzini 

 Andrea Mazzini presents TAPI_Alarm_TCA_List_v2.0.0.xlsx

  • The Alarm and TCA Qualifiers
  • The field with concatenated
    • LayerProtocolQualifier_Alarm Qualifier_Alarm Condition Name, e.g. ODU_SSF, ODU_CONTRA_SSF
    • LayerProtocolQualifier_TCAQualifier_ThresholdIndicatorName, e.g. ODU_NE_CONTRA_BBE, ODU_TCM_NE_CONTRA_BBE
60 mins

Progress the review of the Reference Implementation Agreement 2.0

Continued the review of E2E Service Provisioning Use Cases.