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  • Provide an update regarding the review of RIA 2.0

  • Review and agree the updated TAPI Roadmap.

Agreed Items & Priority

Discussion items

0 minsAdministrative



  • Scheduled two additional, dedicated TAPI calls:
    • Mon 14-16 and Wed 13-15 CEsT

See TAPI Call-in Details and Notes for the details

TAPI weeky call

Preliminary agenda:

  • Progress the review of the Reference Implementation Agreement 2.0
10 minsWelcome Anton and Gabriele

Gabriele Galimberti

 Anton Snizar

Gabriele Galimberti and Anton Snizar will evaluate TAPI developments regarding new 2.4 version

  • Cisco has a development of an SDN Controller, originally by Sedona, based on ACTN hierarchy, together with an Optical Domain Controller.
    • TAPI 2.1.3 is used for the management interface between the SDN Controller and the Optical Domain Controller.
70 mins

RIA Review

Ramon Casellas provides an overview of the state of RIA 2.0 (draft specification constantly updated in TAPI RIA, directory TAPI 2.0)

Ramon Casellas gave same presentation last week, here the copy plus some further notes:

  • In general, the review process has found gaps, inconsistencies and opportunities on a number of subjects
  • Differently from the review of RIA 1.1, now the model is not frozen, hence we are tuning it when required by the development of Use Cases
  • The review process is taking more time than expected because:
    • There are several changes between TAPI 2.1.3 and TAPI 2.4, which made necessary to revisit everything, e.g.
      • OTS/OMS layering reorganization
      • OTSi layer deprecated and collapsed into OTSiMC
      • OTSiA and MCA deprecated
      • Explicit OTU layer
    • There are big new features
      • OAM
      • Optical Impairments
    • All the above also suggested to produce a new set of Connectivity and OAM scenarios
      • Including UNI/ENNI clarifications and asymmetric scenarios

Anton asks whether the differences (and their rationale) between version 2.1.3 and 2.4 are documented.

Anton asks whether the RIA 2.0 will include JSON examples to complete the information provided by the figures.

  • Ramon Casellas this is useful but not in the plan, also due to timing / resource constraints.
    • The idea is that from a basic set of pictures the reader is able to derive a wider range of implementations.
  • Andrea Mazzini we made our best to make the figures directly mappable to precise UML/Yang artifacts and the relationships between them.

Gabriele Galimberti mentions the management scenario where the transponders are part of the routers, hence tipically outside the scope of an Optical Domain Controller.

  • Ramon Casellas the disaggregated / Optical Line Systems scenarios are included in the RIA 2.0

Nigel Davis briefly introduces TR-548 (Streaming).

40 minsRoadmap updateAll

Andrea Mazzini presents the updated TAPI Roadmap

  • Nigel Davis the scheme does not convey the information that all the features of 2.1.3 have been absorbed by 2.3 RC1
  • Nigel Davis regarding Path Computation, we can consider two distinct use cases:
    • Planning, i.e. create a quasi static set of paths which can used to guide future connectivity services
    • Connectivity Route Selection, i.e. at connectivity service creation, provide a set of alternative paths from which to select the preferred one