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Discussion items

00:00Chair topic 
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2022-07-13: Martin Skorupski

2022-07-20: Martin Skorupski

2022-07-27: Martin Skorupski 

2022-08-02: Martin Skorupski

00.05Equipment #13Thorsten Heinze 

The TransmitterEquipment specification should be complemented by some prescription about where to document/find the type of the physical connector.

More connectors should be added to the list, which are already known to be relevant, for avoiding vendor specific modules that will add them.

Vendors to provide the list of necessary connectors by 28th of June.

Issue to be approved next week, 29th of June.

More connector types added 

(check syntax of yang identifiers:
identifier = (ALPHA / "_")  *(ALPHA / DIGIT / "_" / "-" / ".")

On the agenda for next week to add more connector types.


Default values

  • ptpDefaultDataset (discussed in yesterdays 'interface call' meeting)


00:00Backup and Restore@Sentival 

Requirements from TEF:

Comments could be addressed by adding issues in GitHub.

  • Backup and Restore Operations

    • backup configuration to FTP server
    • restore configuration from FTP server AND activate
    • abord operation individual for backup and restore
    • rollback to previous configuration stored in the device
    • applyRestoreOperation
  • Note: Mediator Instance Manager backup-and-restore functions are covered by app and cloud functions

  • status

    • backupOperationStatus
    • restoreOperationStatus

Action items