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Discussion items

00:00Chair topic 
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2022-06-08: Martin Skorupski

2022-06-15: Martin Skorupski

2022-06-22: ??? (Martin on business trip)

2022-06-29: Martin Skorupski 


Mediator Instance Manager


Mediator Instance Manager

  • Error message: Error message should)?!!) be defined and used.
    • OAS - seams to be no Error messages be defined - so there seams to be no harmonize error message
    • to be discussed on next Tuesday
  • Notification handling
    • Examples: download-complete:, ... 
    • to be discussed on next Tuesday

Equipment #15

label information to be expanded on holders

Approved as proposed


Equipment #21

equipmentLabel at Equipment to be harmonized with Holder, LTP, ControlConstruct

Approved as proposed


Equipment #23

connectorLabel at Connector to be harmonized with Equipment, Holder, LTP, ControlConstruct

Approved as proposed


VLAN Interface #29

Obsolete attributes related to statistics

Approved as proposed


QoS Profile #9

"queue-depth-list" is not a list

Approved as proposed


Scheduler Profile #1

Is "scheduler-kind-configuration-is-avail" useful?

Approved as proposed

AI: Martin - to close issue together with Thorsten

00:45Equipment Augment

Idea: use augment for name/extension attributes - instead of documentation out side of UML and YANG

Addresses the limitations (rw/ro, units, ...)

  • Equipment as part 2.0
  • Next step: generating to yang
  • Decision: existing attributes documented in TransmitterEquipment document should be modeled in Equipment Augment.  
  • Discussion of Equipment #15

Sequence-Id (related to Equipment #17, Equipment #18)

  • Used to uniformly address connectors and contained-holders across devices of the same type / model.
  • A use case might be using SDN data in an external inventory & planning application, where LTP data on connector level could be mapped to existing planning data. As port label texts and data models vary between applications and ONF, a uniform address scheme is needed.
  • Identification of connectors and contained holders independent of proprietary label strings.
  • Each object (connector and holder) on one level (sharing the same parent object) should have a unique sequence-id.

Next Step:

  • create an issue which clarifies #17 and #18 and adds a new attribute for the sequence-id to the Equipment_Augment.
  • #17 > sequence-id is part of CoreModlel "name"  → revert #17 and update #17 instead of creating a new issue
    • important the concept itself does not change and all the description must be in the description of the attribute "sequence-id"
  • #18 remains because the examples cant be part of a pure textual description UML and YANG


@parthiba: showing the yang tree for EquipmentAugment

the base reference to the core-model must be added "manually" - preferred by "post-processing". 



Adding new layer-protocol discussion

00:00Backup and Restore@Sentival 

Requirements from TEF:

Comments could be addressed by adding issues in GitHub.

  • Backup and Restore Operations

    • backup configuration to FTP server
    • restore configuration from FTP server AND activate
    • abord operation individual for backup and restore
    • rollback to previous configuration stored in the device
    • applyRestoreOperation
  • Note: Mediator Instance Manager backup-and-restore functions are covered by app and cloud functions

  • status

    • backupOperationStatus
    • restoreOperationStatus

Action items