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  • Admin
  • Brief review of pull request #519
  • Brief review of Optical Impairments – depending on attendance
  • RIA: Review of asymmetric and protection UCs

Agreed Items & Priority

Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative



  • Scheduled two additional, dedicated TAPI calls:
    • Mon 14-16 and Wed 13-15 CEsT

Asked to ONF to extend the additional, official, dedicated TAPI calls till end of year.

This week the calls are on Thu 26, 10-12 and Fri 27, 11-13 CEsT

  • Andrea Mazzini will send the invitation to anyone who wants to participate.

TAPI weeky call

Preliminary agenda:

  • DSR UNI Model and asymmetric Connectivity Service - internal channel selection
90 mins

RIA: Review of asymmetric and protection UCs


Andrea Mazzini presents some figures regarding protection schemes.

  • OLP protecting the OMS:

  • Nigel Davis we cannot exclude a 3R node also in the OMS protection above. Andrea Mazzini is this applicable also to disaggregated scenario?
    • Nigel Davis in general, the OLS / disaggregated scenario shall not include any regeneration, because it will become a complex network arrangement with compatibility issues, outside the scope of the "simple" spectrum as a service concept. Only a theoretical fully transparent regeneration function could work.

  • OLP-based Transponder to Transponder Protection:

  • Discussion on Route and Lower Connections - partitioning.
    • Considered to extend the Route to all the CEPs which support the Connection even if at server layer.
    • Nigel Davis the Client Controller shall anyway navigate all the Node/Link/NEP/CEP/(cross)Connection instances, hence the extended Route is somehow redundant. Similar consideration for Lower Connections - partitioning.
      • There are several possible and unpredictable type of queries, hence it is better to avoid to standardize too much - considering that it is a machine-to-machine i/f.
      • Eventually agreed that for Route and Lower Connections - partitioning, the criteria remains the layer, i.e. where something relevant for management is available at the layer.
        • E.g. in the figure below, the Route of the ODU4 Connection will include only the 8 ODU4 CEPs, and the Lower Connections only the 4 ODU4 (cross) Connections.

  • Discussion on OTSiMC Top Connections, there are many ones as 3R terminates them.
  • Transponder to transponder is only ODUk/ODUCn Connection
    • Agreed that the resilient entity is the ODU4 Connection, transponder to transponder (see figure above).

  • Agreed the asymmetric ODU SNCP scheme below:

30 mins

Optical Impairments review


Andrea Mazzini shows the updated diagrams regarding ROADM Path impairments.

  • Confirmed the agreement of last week regarding the usage of Inter Rule Group object: