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2022-04-20: Martin Skorupski

2022-04-27: Martin Skorupski

2022-05-04: Martin Skorupski

2022-05-11: Martin Skorupski


EthernetContainer #50

Roberto Servadio 

supported-affected-protocol-list capability is missing

on the agenda next week.

00:15Synch #17

Wrong data type for "grand-master-identity"

in uml a new data-type will be defined:

5.3.4 ClockIdentity The ClockIdentity type identifies a clock. typedef Octet[8] ClockIdentity;

? Octet[8] is the same as EUI64 ??
The clockIdentity is an 8-octet array. The clockIdentity values shall be taken from either the IEEE EUI-64 individual assigned numbers as specified in, or from the value set specified in

> yang to be provided

00:43Synch #18same solution as for : Synch #17 
00:44Synch #19

value DISABED to be added

> yang to be provided

00:46Synch #20

time-source -Type uint8 with reference to IEEE Std 1588-2008 section - table 7 - page 57

> yang to be provided





  1. guiding document:
  2. Please see open issues

The sync model contains mac and vlan configuration → an sync expert is required.

see VLAN-FD #19 and #20

00:44EquipmentThorsten Heinze 

Idea: use augment for name/extension attributes - instead of documentation out side of UML and YANG

Addresses the limitations (rw/ro, units, ...)

00:00Backup and Restore@Sentival 

Requirements from TEF:

Comments could be addressed by adding issues in GitHub.

  • Backup and Restore Operations

    • backup configuration to FTP server
    • restore configuration from FTP server AND activate
    • abord operation individual for backup and restore
    • rollback to previous configuration stored in the device
    • applyRestoreOperation
  • Note: Mediator Instance Manager backup-and-restore functions are covered by app and cloud functions

  • status

    • backupOperationStatus
    • restoreOperationStatus

Action items