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Web Conference: 


(please feel free to correct and update your names (wink) Thank you very much!!!) 

Discussion items

00:00Chair topic 
no update 



2022-02-16: Martin Skorupski

2022-02-23: Martin Skorupski

2022-03-02: Martin Skorupski

2022-03-09: ??? (Martin ooo)

00:01Relation between planning and actual data from the network@Thomas Seitz

Please see the latest version of the proposal:


  • Such examples should be documented in TransmitterEquipment document (see Equipment#18)

Centralized alarm list

(alarm definition, capability and notification)

Continue UML Modeling

  • Alarm History
    • notification log like (feedback from yesterdays discussion)

  • Addressing xPath Examples
    • 2022-01-19 5G-xHaul Meeting notes (search for xPath (smile))
    • Issue: EquipmentType like OUTDOOR_UNIT
      • An extension of the EquipmentCategory could be used → equipment augment
        • Thorsten is going to provide an inti version for the equipment augmentation 
      • The group of resources can be also addressed by a list if xPath to individual GlobalClasses (LTPs, Equipment) using uuid  


CoreModel #22
SyncModel #7
SyncModel #8

@Prathiba Jeevan

Removing embedded clock attribute from logical termination point

  • Please see the proposal made for 2022-01-26 (modified on 2022-01-18)
  • Please see proposals:
  • Investigation for SyncModel #8 - how to model in UML.

Backup and Restore@Sentival 


00:35Mediator Instance Manager

Pre- Discussion happened yesterday 

  • info send by Thorsten on Monday 2021-05-177
  • in addition Thorsten will send the "background discussion slide"....

Mediator Instance Manager 

  • What is the protocol? NETCONF or REST or RESTCONF or ...
    • Working Assumption:  not decided
    • SIAE would like to decide based on efforts after analysis. 
    • UML include the "service" - but not the operational and maintenance layer
    • YAML (OpenAPI3) → UML (papyrus) → YANG → 


  • Any questions?
    • no questions


  • please see "App layer on top of the SDN controller" above.


  • Introduction to the topic 
  • functional requirements
  • how to address security constrains and its key management
  • impact on MediatorInstanceManager
    • including logging mechanism
  •  option to reuse code provided by TEF


  • Create Mediator Instance
    • Q: Is device-port missing?
    • A: no - because this is knowledge of the Mediator-Instance
    • (Management) Protocol and protocol version and other protocol configuration parameters : depend on 'device-kind-name'.
    • Further Configuration comes as general configuration with the "LoadFile" (e.g. NETCONF port range, SNMP version, SNMP TRAP port)

    • Q: Release version for in device parameters?
    • A: also here the mediator implementation knows what to do. 

    • Q: device-kind-name: enum vs. string
    • A: type sting → ok but known values must be agreed between vendor and operator OPEN...... to be continued tomorrow.


  • some "security" findings by TEF IT - to be addressed - some repos changed to "private" - access by git invitations - please send github accounts to Thorsten. 

Action items