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Agreed Items & Priority

  • Below the list of the agreed items and related priority.
  • An item is blocking when its resolution is necessary precondition for the delivery.

TAPI 2.1.3 and RIA 1.1

  1. OTU(+ODUCn) CEP/CSEP as single point for OTU/OTSiA ConnectivityService provisioning (solved)
  2. ENNI/INNI Asymmetric service provisioning for multi-domain scenarios, agree UCs (solved)
  3. Alarm / TCA notification (solved - work ongoing on probable cause list)
    1. Subscription
    2. Notification contents
      • Probable Causes / Elementary alarms (e.g. ITU-T cZZZ fault causes), including TCA PM Parameters
  4. OTS and OMS model (solved)
  5. Path Computation Use Cases (blocking)

TAPI 2.3/2.4 and RIA 1.2

  1. MEP/MIP model vs. direct inclusion of OAM parameters in the CEP (solved)
    1. ODU OAM
    2. Photonic OAM
    3. TCA provisioning
  2. Physical impairments (not blocking)
    • OFC is augmenting TAPI Link, others the AbstractStrand.
    • Type of amplifier, fibre attenuation, etc.
  3. Photonic model capability (not blocking)
  4. Lifecycle management of ConnectivityService at every layer, necessary to identify UCs (not blocking)
    • Lifecycle management of single ConnectivityService, necessary to identify UCs
  5. 3R (not blocking)
  6. UNI Client interfaces modelling. DSR/ODU multiplexing over ODU (not blocking)
  7. RESTCONF Response codes for use cases (not blocking)
  8. TAPI OAS, action points to be assigned (not blocking)
  9. Routing Constraints (not blocking)
  10. Physical Route (not blocking)

Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative


Review of TR-547 1.1: Tentative scheduling of 2 hours calls for Oct. 18, 20, 21.

  • Invited Ramon, Nigel, Ronald, Pedro, Arturo. Please others interested to contact Andrea.

TAPI weeky call

Preliminary agenda:

  • Consolidation of TAPI 2.3.1 pre-release
  • ExtendedComposite vs. StrictComposite, 2.1.3 CS / RoutingConstraint is extended, 2.3 is strict.
  • Continue the “GNPy/CCAMP – TAPI alignment” activity

No TAPI call (MEF Q4)

40 minRIA ReviewArturo

Arturo proposes to focus on the review of Notification use cases, postponing further review of Maintenance (11a/b) and Planning (12a/b/c) use cases.

  • TIP MUST is interested in Notification UCs (13a, 14a/b/c, 15a/b/c)
  • OAM UCs (13b/c, 16a/b and 17a/b/c/d) are considered in the scope of TAPI 2.3.x releases.

The team agrees on the proposed priorities.

Arturo: the top-down list of use cases will be provided by TIP to ONF as soon as there is green light for inter SDO communications.

15 mins

Consolidation of TAPI 2.3.1 pre-release


Andrea Mazzini briefly shows the TAPI model updated according to the the agreements of last week.

  • No further discussions, Andrea will create the 2.3.1 Pre Release.
60 mins“GNPy/CCAMP – TAPI alignment” activityAll

Andrea Mazzini shows some updated slides from otcc2021.AM.001_TAPI-GNPy-extensions.pptx (version not yet delivered):

  • Preliminary agreement on the profile model, where the ProfileContext is the root of the tree of Profile instances.
  • Each Profile instance can be augmented by transmission (e.g. TransceiverModeExplicitProfile) and equipment (e.g. TransponderProfile) oriented parameters.
  • In the case of Transceiver, IETF defines an unique data structure, modeling the profiles of usage:
    • The NEP will list all the supported profiles of usage
    • The CEP will refer to the currently configured profile of usage
  • For further study the capability profiles, e.g. the supported ranges of values of transceiver parameters.