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(please feel free to correct and update your names (wink) Thank you very much!!!) 

Discussion items

00:00chair topic 
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Next meetings

2020-06-16: Martin Skorupski

2020-06-23: Martin Skorupski

2020-06-30: Martin Skorupski

2020-07-07: Martin Skorupski

00:06Synchronization@Alexander Wenk

Current status:

  • UML-to-yang - synch_Pac - to generate a yang
  • create a workspace - with new - specify/augmentation to the core-model-1.4
  • there is a need to create a "new" UML-project
00:10EthernetContainer #37
(airInterface #40)
Thorsten Heinze

maximum-burst-size might have discrete value ranges

  • first looking into the solution of AirInterface #40
  • adaptation for the propose according to AirInterface#40 , because otherwise it lead to unexpected implementations.
    • the min-elements must be 0 - the UML multiplicity must change to "*"
    • otherwise it would not be possible to define a default value, because the min-element=1 makes the list "mandatory" which means the default value would be ignored. 
  • Decision: new/adopted proposal is accepted (question)
00:20EthernetContainer #38Thorsten Heinze

maximum-information-rate might have discrete value ranges

  • proposal rephrased - review priod extened by another week. 
  • Se
00RMON counters

Roberto Servadio
@Andreas Lattoch

Ai: Martin - Provide the latest list of the RMON counters

Topic will be discussed by Andreas on 2021.06.08

Quick feedback from Andreas

End of the Meeting

00:00Mediator Instance Manager

Pre- Discussion happened yesterday 

  • info send by Thorsten on Monday 2021-05-17
  • in addition Thorsten will send the "background discussion slide"....

Mediator Instance Manager 

  • What is the protocol? NETCONF or REST or RESTCONF or ...
    • Working Assumption:  not decided
    • SIAE would like to decide based on efforts after analysis. 
    • UML include the "service" - but not the operational and maintenance layer
    • YAML (OpenAPI3) → UML (papyrus) → YANG → 


  • Any questions?
    • no questions

Action items