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2020-05-12: Martin Skorupski

2020-05-19: Martin Skorupski

2020-05-26: Martin Skorupski

2020-06-02: Martin Skorupski



00:10AirInterface feedback from vendors

AirInterface feedback from vendors

  • feedback from 5 vendors received - thanks!!! (wink)
  • first result - many attributes are supported by some vendor 
    • 3 attributes are not supported by any of the vendors platform
      • alic-is-on: was known that it is supported only by one vendor, when the attribute was introduced
        • should be kept, due to the benefit of the feature
      • alic-is up:
        • same as above
        • should be kept due to the benefit of the underlaying feature
    • attributes to be discussed
      • receiver-is-on
        • needed for diversity → in case of 1 transmitter and 2 receiver
      • clearing-threshold-cross-alarm-is-on
        • needs to be kept for vendor not supporting auto clearing
        • could be an rpc - but no benefit in changing it now → so attribute is kept. 
      • signal-noise-...-average 


  • yes in specific implementations a lot of attributes are not supported
  • but overall there are good reasons of not removing 

Further "findings"

  • introduction of more capabilities attributes: receiverIsOn, alicIsOn
  • Thorsten is adding an issue for the "receiverIsOn" case.

duplicated Michael Binder

overlap of status attributes

LTP:operationalStatus :== AirInterface:status

Conclusion: should be discussed in conjunction with "NMDA alternatve"

End of the Meeting

00:10AirInterface #49@Axel


  • comment by Daniela
00:10EthernetContainer issues


00:10EthernetContainer issue #28

Allowed queue depth values to be declared as capability

EthernetContainer issue #30

dropping-behavior-kind on device/switch level

00:10EthernetContainer issue #23

Bundling attributes for Ethernet ports

  • on radio side all good
  • LAG is different? - yes and is independent of the "bundling" attributes.
  • When combing with NMDA alternative and when EthernetContainer is associated to WireInterface
    • capabilities: bundling-is-avail==false
    • bundling-is-on = false in status
    • no representation in configuration object
  • LAG example
    • idea: LAG → combination of EthernetContainers ?!?!? - maybe grouped by MacInterface
    • What are the necessary parameters for LAG? 
  • Is there a "need of change"?
    • if no → to be closed
    • if yes → to be discussed.
00:40EthernetContainer issue #26

Multiplicity of _supportedHeaderCompressionKindList = 1, but headerCompressionName undefined

Issue #29 is the final solution for this issue.

However, the comment made in UML according the initial proposal should be reverted. 

To be decided on 2021-05-12

00:50EthernetContainer issue #27

(Not-)Support of queue utilization performance values to be clearly indicated

  • next step: start review period now and decide on 2021-05-12 if issue can be closed. 

End of the Meeting

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