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  • going forward

Discussion items

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Next meetings

2020-05-05: Martin Skorupski

2020-05-12: Martin Skorupski

2020-05-19: Martin Skorupski

2020-05-26: Martin Skorupski

00:05AirInterface issue #45

AirInterfaceConfiguration::duplexDistance : Integer = -1 to be added

  • discussion to be continued
  • comments to be changes
  • Q: Can the attributes be freely configured?
    • feedback from implementation - selection from list and/or manual based on hardware capabilities. 
    • Conclusion: the comment in UML can be kept
  • on the agenda for decision for May5th


00:07NMDA alternativeThorsten Heinze

Next steps

  • get feedback about parameters to be removed from microwave model
    • some feedback already received
    • Thorsten on the way con construct proposes from next meeting
  • updates on UML and yang
00:08EthernetContainer issues


00:10EthernetContainer issue #23

Bundling attributes for Ethernet ports

  • on radio side all good
  • LAG is different? - yes and is independent of the "bundling" attributes.
  • When combing with NMDA alternative and when EthernetContainer is associated to WireInterface
    • capabilities: bundling-is-avail==false
    • bundling-is-on = false in status
    • no representation in configuration object
  • LAG example
    • idea: LAG → combination of EthernetContainers ?!?!? - maybe grouped by MacInterface
    • What are the necessary parameters for LAG? 
  • Is there a "need of change"?
    • if no → to be closed
    • if yes → to be discussed.
00:40EthernetContainer issue #26

Multiplicity of _supportedHeaderCompressionKindList = 1, but headerCompressionName undefined

Issue #29 is the final solution for this issue.

However, the comment made in UML according the initial proposal should be reverted. 

To be decided on 2021-05-12

00:50EthernetContainer issue #27

(Not-)Support of queue utilization performance values to be clearly indicated

  • next step: start review period now and decide on 2021-05-12 if issue can be closed. 

End of the Meeting

Action items