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  • Admin
    • Consolidate the dates of next virtual meetings
  • Review/Consolidation of TR-548 RIA-Streaming
  • Continue discussion on yang2oas tool - make exact point of the issues 
  • Review first draft agenda for next virtual meetings
  • Photonic model necessary enhancements

Discussion items

10 minsAdministrative

 TAPI Call: 3 hours

  • TR-548 RIA-Streaming
  • Photonic model necessary enhancements

Two sessions of 3 days / 5 hours (1pm - 6pm CET) - with the option to add some extra hours on Thursday

Draft agenda: 2020Q3 TAPI Virtual Meeting Agenda and Notes Oct. 19/20/21 and Nov. 09/10/11

  • Session 1:  
  • Session 2:  
50 mins

Review/Consolidation of TR-548 RIA-Streaming

Nigel Davis presents

  • Added explanations and solved comments.
  • Next step: significant refinements and details of Use Cases.
  • Andrea Mazzini started discussion on streaming added value with respect to usual/consolidated notification mechanism. Agreed that:
    • Complexity is shifted to Provider/Server controller - which has the best control of its own database evolution (preventing sequence/correlation mismatches).
    • Stream types to support partitioning of information - useful e.g. to more specialized clients
      • Current solution does not foresee top down provisioning of stream types - likewise for context provisioning: stream is in fact bounded to a TAPI context. The Provider can build different contexts to provide different representations of same (portion or slice of) underlying managed network.
      • A temporary stream can be dedicated to a testing activity.
    • Karthik Sethuraman is it possible to define a stream for a given TAPI subtree? Nigel Davis the idea is more generic, i.e. not necessarily depending on how YANG is eventually structured.
    • Malcolm Betts so far is the Provider/Server controller which builds contexts (and streams). For future phase the configuration by the Client Controller.
    • Andrea Mazzini streaming should provide an organized and optimized stream of log entries/events, i.e. including state change plus its time stamp, hence history is preserved. This should save effort to Client controller, because today it must manage both notifications and GETs, which provide two partial/incomplete views to be reassembled. Stream data is always the same, for both synchronous and asynchronous operations.
    • Nigel Davis testing of streaming feature shall help to identify the advantages of the solution. E.g. verify that the compaction process is more efficient if performed on Provider/Server controller side.
30 mins

Continue discussion on yang2oas tool - make exact point of the issues

Andrea Mazzini reviews the OAS open issues:

Agreed that the key skills related to yang2oas tool coding are:

  • Java
  • Maven
  • OpenDaylight
45 mins

Review first draft agenda for next virtual meetings

  • Performed some reorganization of draft agenda
    • Please provide contributions for discussions, adding the link to the agenda
  • Updated some dates of TAPI Roadmap
    • Further updates are expected from virtual meeting outcomes