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2am PDT | 5am EDT | 9:00 UTC | 11:00 CEST | 12:00 EEST | 14:30 IST | 17:00 CST | 18:00 JST |

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2020-09-02: Martin Skorupski

2020-09-09: Martin Skorupski

2020-09-16: ???

2020-08-26: Martin Skorupski

00:03EmailNader Zein Thanks - no objections form NEC for the items on todays agenda
--RMON@Andreas Lattoch

Related Contribution in Email from 2020-04-30

Latest discussions revealed the following documented issues:

→ all for issues on the agenda for decision next week 2020-07-29 - Please send comments to be addressed until 2020-07-27 - Thanks!

--RMON@Andreas Lattoch

rxCollisions attributes to be added to WireInterfaceStatus and WireInterfacePerformanceType

--RMON@Andreas Lattoch

frame counters

  • RFC2819 - no history
  • Proposal: Moving from history to statistics - 2020-09-02: Agreed as proposed Ceragon, E///, NEC, Nokia, SIAE

--RMON@Andres Lattoch

Proposal of removal of "unused"/"unsupported" counters. 

  • EthernetContainer
  • MacInterface

Please check the proposals:


Latest testing showed that none of the devices under test is supporting alarms in the PureEthernetStructure and the HybridMwStructure.

Vendors not participating in the tests also confirmed that their devices don't implement alarms on these interfaces.

It should be considered to remove all attributes, data types and classes related to alarming from the PureEthernetStructure and the HybridMwStructure modelings.

Thorsten Heinze created the following two issues on the openBackhaul Github for being discussed and decided before the next update of the respective modelings:

Action items