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Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative
  •  TAPI Call: 3 hours
  • Andrea attending MEF Q3 Meeting, Nigel Davis will lead the call.
5 mins

Review of TR-547-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation Agreement_Rev1__PAMARAL_am.docx

Arturo ran through the document comments and resolutions. All comments were dealt with on the call. The document has been uploaded at TR-547-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation Agreement.docx.

Nigel stated to the team that any further comments will go into the next version. There was no objection.

10 mins

Review TR-5XX.Y-TAPI_v2.1.3_ReferenceImplementation-Streaming_v0.1.docx

Nigel Davis is performing final editing this week.

  • Arturo Mayoralto inform whether further comments will be provided by Telefonica.
  • Jonathan Sadler is ok with the document contents, with the proposal to add (e.g. in a future version) some broader considerations regarding client multiplicity, because in micro services architecture the clients can be >> 2.
  • Also noted that the streaming application is in principle independent from the used transport protocol.

Xiaobing to check notes/comments in YANG

3.18.1 Nigel: add description of monitoring the delay of the client: Add description of log compaction policy

3.18.2 Nigel - describe the distinction between emulated compaction and normal compaction

4.2 Nigel improve text

4.5 Nigel: Add material on functions and identify which functions are mandatory. Send early text to Xiaobing for comment

30 minsNigel Davis

Nigel ran through the contribution in detail. 

There were several requests for clarification that were resolved during the discussion. No specific changes were requested to the model at this stage. 

In general the group accepted the need and that the approach seemed reasonable. Clearly further discussion will be required.

0 mins

Team agreed to end the meeting early.