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Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative
  • Next F2F TAPI meeting: Virtual Meeting to be planned
  • Andrea Mazzini not available June 20 - July 5

  • Note that the call was preempted at the end of the second hour, Andrea Mazzini will check with ONF admin.

10 mins

Check consolidation of TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation_v0.11.docx

Nigel Davis and Lyndon Ong asked Timon Sloane to assign a TR number to Arturo's RIA and Nigel's RIA (Streaming).

Post meeting note, Timon Sloane has assigned

  • ONF TR-547 T-API Reference Implementation Agreement - OTC&C (Arturo Mayoral)
  • ONF TR-548 T-API Reference Implementation Agreement - supplement for streaming-based notification - OTC&C (Nigel Davis)

Lyndon Ong : when the team thinks the document is ready we would do a 2 week last call across OTCC, then would need to check with Timon Sloane as to whether any further approval is needed.

10 mins

Ageed to postpone the discussion once written comments will be available.

Agreed to deliver TAPI 2.1.3 without waiting for Streaming RIA consolidation.

  • Corrections/enhancements will be performed in next releases, e.g. 2.1.4
  • All: provide comments by Monday 22 June.
60 mins

Review of 2.1.3 RC2 enhancements (#486)

Arturo Mayoral presents some slides with detailed comparison between TAPI 2.1.2, 2.1.3 RC1 and 2.1.3 #486

    • otsi-service-interface-point-spec, remove the attributes
      • supportable-lower-central-frequency
      • supportable-upper-central-frequency

replacing them with the

  • Removed redundant association between MediaChannelConnectivityServiceEndPointSpec and PowerManagementConfigPac
  • Renamed OtsiAConnectivityServiceEndPointSpec as OtsiaConnectivityServiceEndPointSpec
  • Renamed MediaChannelAConnectivityServiceEndPointSpec as McaConnectivityServiceEndPointSpec
  • Agreed to rename (through Papyrus) the YANG modules which have been modified with respect to RC1 ones
  • Pedro Amaral and Arturo Mayoral provided the latest version of yang2swagger generator (1.1.14)
  • Pedro Amaral provided an option for the command line of OAS generation, to enable name space insertion (-use-namespaces)
  • The team agrees that after these last modifications, the develop_v2_1 is ready to become 2.1.3 final delivery.
10 mins

Arturo Mayoral in a couple of weeks should provide the following Use Cases, numbering reflects priority:

  1. Fault Management
  2. Streaming for Performance Management
  3. ODU Connectivity Management
  4. Asymmetric Connectivity Management