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Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative
  • Next F2F TAPI meeting: Virtual Meeting to be planned

110 mins

review of TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation_v0.9.docx

Arturo Mayoral reviews the updates on TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation_v0.10.docx (Reference Implementation Agreement, RIA):

  1. Transitional Link: agreement on proposed updated text
  2. qianjia asks clarification on MC Link scenario:
    1. Confirmed the optionality of all Links, exceptions being:
      1. the PHOTONIC_MEDIA Links (necessary to describe the topology at "day zero"),
      2. the Transitional Links (necessary to join electrical and optical Nodes at "day zero", when applicable).
    2. Agreed that the Link is essentially an abstraction of information already provided by its server Connection/CEP/NEP.
      • Arturo Mayoral we may reconsider this assumption in future evolutions of the RIA.
  3. Arturo Mayoral UNI modelling simplification, agreed the proposed text, integrated with some further clarifications.
    1. Reflecting the agreements of 2020-05-19 TAPI Meeting notes, item 8.
  4. Agreed to remove the following Use Case, as we have not reviewed it with the necessary level of detail:
    • UC1e - Example 8: OTSiA multi-wavelength over two OTSi/OTSiMC over a single physical (PHOTONIC-MEDIA_OMS) port through a single MC.
  5. Confirmed to keep only the requirement for "_selectedConnectionEndPoint" attribute of Switch class

Arturo Mayoral uploaded the TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation_v0.11.docx version candidate for official delivery:

10 minsODU OAM

Andrea Mazzini briefly recaps TAPI available model for ODU OAM

  • Necessary to review some attributes: Hing-Kam Lam provides link to the latest draft text of G.875, currently under Additional Review (AR) of the approval process.
60 minsMulti-Layer Capabilities

Andrea Mazzini presents otcc2020.AM.002-Transmission_Capability.pptx

  • General agreement on the approach, with the following notes:
    • Malcolm Betts the ODU Flex payload can be organized in complex ways, more details may be necessary to describe capability
    • Nigel Davis the invariant parts shall be centralized in appropriate spec/rule descriptions
    • Andrea Mazzini capability on UNI side need refinements