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Discussion items

5 minsAdministrative
  • Next F2F TAPI meeting: Virtual Meeting to be planned

170 mins

review of TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation_v0.9.docx

Arturo Mayoral reviews the remaining comments in TR-5XX.1-TAPI v2.1.3 Reference Implementation_v0.9.docx

Reviewed till chapter "6.2.4 Use case 1d: Unconstrained PHOTONIC_MEDIA/OTSi Service Provisioning", excluded.

Summary of agreements:

  1. Agreed the contents of chapter "4.2 Inventory considerations" and "6.4.2 Use case 4b: Complete Inventory model for NBI Interface"
    • Clarified that "/s_sl" is always present, with value=zero in case not applicable for the specific case.
  2. qianjia proposes that OMS Top Connection is not necessary but in case of OMS protection, agreed.
  3. qianjia asks to add ILA Node in the figures related to "initial state" of topology, agreed.
  4. Long discussion on "initial state" where Transitional Link is applied. Agreed that:
    1. Transitional Link is present at initial state and it links OTSi NEP Pool to ODU NEP Pool of respectively OTSi and ODU/DSR Nodes.
    2. OTSi NEP Pool refers (through "_aggregatedNodeEdgePoint") to all OTSi NEPs of OTSi Node.
    3. ODU/DSR Node at initial state does not include any ODU NEP, hence ODU NEP Pool at initial state does not refer to any ODU NEP.
    4. Once an OTSi Connection is created, then
      1. the OTSi CEP is created (termination end point of OTSi Connection),
      2. the client ODU NEP is created in ODU/DSR Node,
      3. the OTSi CEP refers to its client ODU NEP through "_clientNodeEdgePoint" (inter-node relationship).
    5. ODU NEP Pool will refer to the ODU NEP instances created as result of OTSi Connections creation.
  5. In case of multi-layer Node (DSR/ODU/OTSi, no Transitional Link), agreed that at initial state ODU NEP instances are not expected.
    • ODU NEP Pool is not applicable in this scenario.
  6. ODU SIP Use Case will be considered in future versions of Reference Implementation.
  7. Agreed that 200GE DSR scenario shall model the cross-connection at DSR level, as ODUCn is not expected to be cross-connectable.
    • Check ITU-T with respect to ODUCn SNCP feature
  8. Clarification on "simplified UNI/DSR model", where the DSR CEP encapsulates the DSR cross-connection (option 2 below). Karthik Sethuraman highlights that option 2 violates the rule "server-most NEP has the reference to supporting AccessPort", as ODU NEP is server-most. Agreed that it is not convenient to change the simplified model at this time.

  • Arturo Mayoralto clarify the "Rate_level" attribute of Device class (Table 32: Device object attributes required for UC4b).