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Architecture, Semantic and Behavior


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Discussion items

00:00YangAlex Stancu

pyang warning for must statement - link to issue - eth32

How to address?

@Prathiba: Could you please check how such 'must' statement and 'path' statement is generated by UML2YANG and what may need to change. 

@Mark: May I kindly ask you to check if the yang syntax is supported by ODL.

@Leo; @Roberto; @Leo; @Daniela; @Nader: Could you please check, if your NetConfServer framework support the xPath function "deref(.)".


dropping-behavior-kind on device/switch level - link to issue - eth30

AI: Danilo PalaMichael BinderDaniela Spreafico: Please provide options how to solve the issue and a recommendation for discussion next week. 

We think there are more attributes.

Please comment the issue to get forward. 


radio-signal-id: proposal of simplification - link to issue - air39


The comment of the expectedRadioSignalID attribute should get additional phase "Only relevant, if expectedEqualsTransmittedRadioSignalID==false.".

AI: Martin think where in TR docs such "rule" are documented. 

Other similar cases:

config attribute, where the device supports only one value.

e.g. Maintenance Timer: 

should be handled in future.

AI: should be agreed in ONF 5G-xHaul.

Action items