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Next meetings

2020-04-22: Martin Skorupski

2020-04-29: Martin Skorupski

2020-05-06: Martin Skorupski

2020-05-14: Martin Skorupski


Proposal for harmonized error-tags and error-messages

Please see decision of last week.

For information only: The yang way for data model specific errors is described in RFC7950 - search for "error-app-tag". But it would require a 'must' statement. which needs tooling enhancements. 

Ai: IISOMI - ask for enhancement of UML-YANG-Guidelines. 

Info: by Alex: the error-message usually are defined in 'must' statements with error-messages. 

Decision #2: 

Add additonal information about root cause of the configuration failure to be added to the NetConf Error-message. 



Proposal to replace maxQueueDepth by availableQueueDepthList

(follow link to see the email)

For information only: Please see related issue. There is an action item to vendors to validate the proposed solution within the referenced email.


Proposal to align modeling of AirEquipment with WireEquipment

(follow link to see the email)

For information only: There is an ongoing action item to Martin and Pawel to develop the necessary explaining document for next week.

Please feel free to review and contribute: 

Felix F. should be involved and will review. 


How to generate an alarm on the EthernetContainer

(follow link to see the email)

Closed: Answer is: disable the underlying AirInterface.

Michael Binder

How can header compression be switched off? link to issue


Add new header-compression-kind called "no-compression".

List of avaialble header compression should have always one entry.


  • Add  new enumeration called "HEADER_COMPRESSION_MODE_TYPE_NO_COMPRESSION". 
  • UML and yang needs to be updated.
  • AI Martin: Update issue in github with this decision.

Deployment process


dropping-behavior-kind on device/switch level - link to issue

AI: Danilo PalaMichael Binder Daniela Spreafico: Please provide options how to solve the issue and a recomendation for discussion next week. 

moved to next meeting
Thorsten Heinze

Default value for header-compression-name - link to issue

Answer: ??? to be discussed


Status: on-hold

core-model allows definition of both Logical Termination Points (interfaces), but also connections

  • Forwarding Domain:
    • either connection inside the same device
    • connections outside devices
  • Link:
    • any type of link, not only microwave
  • Forwarding Construct:
    • concrete forwarding between two or more LTPs / ports
      • unidirectional / bidirectional

core-model is also suitable for representing entire Networks, not only a Device

this means that Universally Unique IDs are required

Devices cannot get the UUIDs from outside, they need to be generated by the device, and cannot be overwritten from outside

Devices are unaware by their surroundings (the network), so it cannot know if a UUID is already used by some other interface in other devices

IETF defines how to create UUIDs, and the core-model references this RFC

  • we need UUIDs for documenting the network
  • we cannot write the UUIDs in the device, the device needs to create it 
  • the device does not have a network wide view
  • this is needed because of the Planning the network

Possible solutions:

  • the device generates whatever, the IDs are retrieved and a mapping table is maintained
  • we prescribe a method/algorithm that is implemented in the device for creating UUIDs (which become predictable):
    • using some prefix which is known during the implementation time of the device - (e.g. MAC address of the Management interface); vendor sends info about Order no. and MAC addr. to the operator and the Planning will be done with these prefixed values → less complex than a field technician configuring the prefix on the device with some dongle
    • fixed UUID with prefix and postfix


  • use the Device name instead of the MAC addr.
  • clean-up application that handles the changing of MAC addresses

Out of time, we need to follow up: proposal, next week Tuesday 09:00 CET


Notes from  

Discussion about UUID and Links/Asszosations/References between object classes

ODL MountPoint is and association to a NetConf server - some NetConf servers representing some times the microwave model.

Action items